Vin65 Glossary

Below are a list of terms and their definitions commonly used on the Vin65 platform. Click on a letter below to jump to the terms that start with that letter.

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Abandoned Carts This is a report located in the Reports tab. It will display a list of orders where a customer abandoned their cart before clicking the process button.
Action Email Action Email is a tool located under the Contacts tab that allows you to set up a pre-configured email based on a specific action a customer takes. For example, if a customer abandons their cart, you can establish that this tool will automatically email them with a special message designed for them. Action Email Documentation
Action Email Setup This is a part of the Action Email tool that allows you to assign and create the specific email documents to send based on a specific action. Action Email Setup
Action Email Queue This part of the Action Email tool allows you to see the list of Action Emails in the queue. Either they will be sending, or have already been sent if they are displaying here. Action Email Queue
Admin This term refers to an Administrator of the Vin65 Admin Panel who can edit content and products. Admin Documentation
Admin User Email Notifications Email notifications are emails that are sent to admin users for website orders, club orders, etc. It is a convenient way to keep track of what is happening at your winery.
Aging Age of the wine.
Age Gate Some companies adopting an ‘age gate’ policy asking consumers their age before entering the website.  Avoid the use of an ‘age gate’. This is a controversial topic within the wine industry.
AirPrint AirPrint is an Apple technology that helps you create full-quality printed output without the need to download or install drivers


Allocation can be defined in three areas:

  • An Allocation is a set amount of wine, consisting of one type or multiple types of wines, allowed for a specific group of customers.
  • The area in the Admin Panel to manage the creation of Allocations, manage the customers assigned and the products contained in your allocations.
  • A page on the front end of the website specifically for customers who have a log in. If they are assigned to an Allocation, they will see details in the Allocation. If not assigned to an Allocation, they will receive a message informing them that they do not currently have an Allocation.

Allocation Documentation

Allocation Requests Report This report allows you to generate a report on any Wish List Requests received for additional allocated products. This report displays: Products requested, date of their request, the customer who requested them, as well as the customer’s Max allotment, and the number of bottles already purchased.
Allocation Wish List Allocation wish list feature allows customers to request for more quantities of the allocated product.
Anchors Anchors allow you to link to areas within any given page.  This is especially useful for long pages where a fair bit of scrolling is required.
Arrange Products A tool in the Admin Panel that allows you to arrange the way a product displays on the front end of the website. Arranging products does not currently apply for products that display on the allocation page. Arrange Products Documentation
Authorized Authorized is a Payment Status that shows that a credit card has been authorized for fund capture, but is not yet captured. This means the credit card is not declined. This Payment Status will normally show if you want to capture funds when you ship your product to your customers.
Auto Flags Flags that automatically appear on orders or customer profile indicating an important message.
Auto Populated Data Auto Populated Data refers to Data which uses a unique code to pull information from somewhere else and replace the code. This is specially coded data that can be added to emails only and is used to automatically add first and last names and billing addresses to multiple clients in a mass email. It consists of a code that starts with "//" and ends with "//". (e.g. //OrderNumber//) This type of information cannot have a space in the word and must be exact in the capitalization. Auto Populated Data Documentation
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Basic Admin Basic Admin is an Administrator with certain restrictions decided by the Domain Admin. Admin Documentation
Blog Blog can be defined as:
  • A blog (a contraction of the term "web log") is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
  • The utility in the Admin Panel that you can add Blogs to your website. Blog utility is located in the Admin Panel, located under Components in the Content Editor.

Blog Documentation

Blog Category Any blog categories you've set up as a component using the Blog feature.  This allows you to display a list of blog posts that fit into a given category.
Blog List This displays your blog posts in a list format.
Boiler Plate Pages This term refers to pages such as 'return & cancellation', 'privacy policy' and 'terms of use' on your site. These pages are necessary before setting up a Payment Gateway.
Brands See Products Brands.
Business Categories The Business Categories feature works in harmony with the Business Locator, allowing you to categorize your business by different category names (e.g. Retail, Restaurants, etc.). It can be located under Content Editor > Components. Business Categories Documentation

Business Locator

The Business Locator is a utility that allows you to add locations of where your products are sold in a searchable map function for display on your website. In the Admin Panel it allows you to manage the details of the business locator, including adding business and search for businesses previously added. This feature can be found in Content Editor > Components. Business Locator Documentation

Buttons Buttons on the Vin65 Platform are created using image sprites and a css technique called "sliding doors". There are six different buttons: Normal, Normal Alternative, Modal, Modal Alternative, Large, Large Alternative. Each one is used through out the checkout process or on forms.
Buy X Get Y This refers to the promotion that allows your customers to purchase a specific product chosen by an Admin (X) and receive another product chosen by an Admin (Y) included in the original price. They pay no additional charge for the Y product as it shares the cost of X. Buy X Get Y Documentation
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Calendar The Calendar is what displays your Events on your webpage. Multiple Calendars can be created and added to your website. Calendars can be accessed by going to Content Editor > Components > Events. Events Documentation

It's an incentive message. Basically a user is prompted with a reminder that is activated during their purchase. The message can be anything from giving birthday promotions to club member discounts to offering reduced shipping in exchange for adding a few more bottles to the order.

The Carrot Engine is provided for free and has automatically been turned on for your account.  Access it by going to the Store area and on the ‘Promos’ drop down. 

Read more in the documentation link on Carrots here.

Cancelled Cancelled is an Order Status that shows an order has been cancelled. This will display only if an admin manually cancels an order in the admin panel.
Cancellation Reasons The Vin65 platform allows you to create specific custom cancellation reasons to apply to club memberships.  Cancellation reasons are only visible to admin users and can only be added to a canceled membership by an admin user.  
Categories Categories refers to a tab that can be found in multiple areas of the Admin Panel.
CellarPass CellarPass integrates with Vin65 allowing your customers to create reservations for tastings and tours at your winery.
Client Tasks Tasks that clients must complete in order to have their website launched.
Cloud Connect RMS data stored on cloud server. 
Club This refers to your Wine Club(s). Wine Club Documentation
Club Member Customers who are members of your wine club.
Club Processing This utility allows you to process your Wine Club(s) when doing your Club Run. Club Processing Documentation
Club Shipping Club shipping are shipping strategies you have set up for your club processing. Each club processing per clubs could have different shipping.
Completed Completed is an Order Status that shows an order has been paid for.


Components refers to three areas:

  • Components are additions to website pages and consist of Forms, Photo Galleries, Event Calendars, Business Locators, FAQs and Polls. When added to a specific website page they display as a code in the admin panel and on the front end of the website, they display and render as intended.
  • Components can be created in the Components section: Content Editor > Components.
  • Components are added with the Component button in the Content Editor toolbar. Its button looks like a gear.

Components Documentation

Contact(s) Contacts are known most commonly as your customers, ones on your mailing list, club members and anyone that your winery makes contact with. Contacts are accessed by clicking on the Contacts tab in the Admin Panel. Contacts Documentation
Contact Types

Contact Types refers to two definitions:

  • A way to organize contacts by their relationship with your winery. For example, if they are newsletter recipient, you could assign them to a 'Newsletter' contact type, etc.
  • The Contact Type area of the Admin Panel to manage and add new Contact Types.

Contact Types Documentation

Content Blocks Content Blocks are a great way to get repeating blocks of content that you can place on any page via a component, or with the custom tag v65:contentblock. 
Content Editor The location in the Admin Panel where the Admin User can adjust the content on website pages, Components such as Forms, Photo Galleries and Events, change Pods, and manage Marketing URLs. Content Editor Documentation
Content Groups

Content Blocks as mentioned are assigned to Content Groups.

These Groups can be related to Pages or Products. This means you can assign specific Blocks within each Group to go to a set of unique website pages or assign them to the pages of unique Products.

Your Designer/Developer has the control to make these content Groups become Components. They also have the control to make the Blocks within the Groups have the ability to be a Component or not. For more information, please visit here.

Corporate Order Importer This is a tool in the Import/Export Utility. It will allow one customer to purchase multiple products to be shipped to multiple shipping recipients in one process procedure. Corporate Order Importer Documentation
Cost of Goods This report allows you to view products sold and the profits made when comparing the price the products were sold for verses the cost of goods assigned to them. (Cost of Goods are assigned on the pricing tab of a product.) Cost of Goods Sold Documentation
Coupon(s) Coupons will display on the front end of the website in the Checkout area if you have the Promo Builder activated. Coupons can be referred to Promos. For the convenience of customers, the term "Promo" is translated as "Coupon" on the front end. Promo Builder Documentation
Coupon Usage This is a report located in the Reports tab. It allows you to view which promos have been used within a specific date range. Included in the report are: Promo title, Order Numbers, the Total Discount amount, and the Order Total.
CSS CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a method of written language designing and formatting most commonly for web pages. This is used by designers along with many other formatting techniques.
Customer List Report

This report is designed to provide you the basic billing details of all of your purchasing customers.

Customer Mailing List Report This report is designed to provide you the basic details of all of your contacts that have an email address in your system.
Customer Number The number assigned to each customer's profile.
Customer Status Each customer in the system at the database level is tagged as a 'prospect', 'first time buyer', 'repeat buyer', or 'club member'. All customer reports have this customer status tag on them. All order from June 30, 2014 forward will laos be tagged with the customer status. 
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Dashboard This is the area of the Admin Panel that includes the latest news from us, your development team, information about recently added features and any other news we feel might be useful for you. It is your welcome screen when you first log in and can display useful sales information. It should be your main utility for checking the statuses for your orders. It will notify you of alerts and important order information that might require your attention. The dashboard also provides you quick access to sales data tables and comparable sales and club detail reports. Dashboard Documentation
Declined This is a Payment Status that indicates a customer's credit card was invalid.
DeDupe Contacts

This feature allows you to see all of your duplicate contacts you have among your contact list. 

To access this, please head to Settings > Import/Export > DeDupe Contacts.

Description The Description is a field of text where you put a full description of either a Club or a Product. Description Documentation
Department The product departments feature allows you to create different sales channels, such as wine, food, merchandise, etc, and have the ability to report on sales for each of these channels. Product Departments Documentation
Designer Launch

Designer Launch is a set of authoring tools that make it possible for developers and designers with knowledge of coding html and css to launch custom sites. The benefits of Designer Launch include control over final design, timelines, and client relationships.

To use the Designer Launch tools one should have a strong background in authoring HTML and CSS. There is also an added benefit if you have experience with Javascript.

Do Not Send List This is a part of the Action Email utility that allows you to choose which contact types you don't want to receive Action Emails. Do Not Send List Documentation
Document This refers to both the Document Feature and the Documents you would add to Vin65. To reach the Document Utility you would go to Content Editor > Components. These Documents that you choose to add are able to be added to your website and will display as Components. Document Documentation
Domain Admin A Domain Admin is an Administrator with no restrictions for the website Admin Panel. Admin Documentation
Double-Double Said when ordering a coffee in Canada; indicating two creams and two sugars.
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Email An electronic message containing data and text sent from one email address to another through the internet.
Email Category Any email categories you've designated as a component using the Email Documents feature. This allows customers to view past email newsletters.
Email Documents This is a utility where you can create, edit and manage your Email Documents. Email Documents in this utility are a written message, filled with images, links and are designed to be sent to an individual email address or multiple email addresses. The multiple email addresses are organized by Contact Types and Lists. Email Documents Documentation
Email Summary Report The email campaign summary report yields all of the relevant statistics pertaining to particular email document (including the number of times it was sent out, to whom it was sent, and statistics on which customers opened it and which customers clicked links contained in the email).
Eh (pronounced "ey", as in "hey" or "hay") A suffix some Canadians add to the ends of sentences, to ask for a response of agreement or disagreement, similar in meaning to "don't you think" or "right?"(Similar to the word "Huh?" Used in the states.) (eg. "Looks like a storm comin' in, eh?"). It is a way of being polite - to ensure that the other people in the conversation are feeling included. It is also sometimes used with "I know," as in, "Wow, the Calgary Flames really kicked butt tonight!" -"I know, eh?"
eParcel Report eParcel Orders or eParcel Consignment report is only applicable for Australian clients.  It is a formatted report used to upload into eParcel (Australian Post).  It saves the wineries from typing out all the addresses for every order. 
Event(s) An Event in Vin65 refers to the Event that you would be hosting, creating and adding to your Event Calendar.
Event Call Out(s) The Event Call Out utility is an option that allows you to create varied font colors to highlight different types of events. Call Outs must be setup by the website designer and must be modified in the website CSS. Block and List style calendars render event Call Outs differently. Events Documentation<
Event Tickets Event Tickets are saleable tickets available on Vin65. When a customer purchases an Event Ticket, they are provided a PDF of the ticket.  Event Tickets use a barcode for scanning when entering the event. These barcodes only work with 3 of 9 barcode scanners. Event Tickets Documentation
Export The act of exporting products, etc. out of Vin65. Import/Export Documentation
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FAQs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is an area in the Admin Panel under Content Editor > Components, that allows you to create a categorized directory of frequently asked questions. You can add questions and answers and upload to your webpage just as you would any other component or form. FAQs Documentation
Fermentation Grape juice becomes wine as the fermentation process is complete. 
First Time Buyer Customers in you database that have purchase from you once.
Flag A flag is a free form notation, allowing you to put any kind of flag on a record. The utility to set up a flag is located in the notes section, but a flag is different than a note. A flag is different than a note because it appears on the General Tab of a customer’s contact record as callout message in yellow. You can have multiple flags on a single customer, the most recent flag will appear at the top of the list on the General Tab. Flag Documentation


Forms refers to two areas:

  • A questionnaire that you can create in a flexible and custom manner to display on your website.
  • The area of the Admin Panel that allows you to manage and add new forms.

Form Builder Documentation

Forms Report The Form report allows you to generate reports on custom form results generated using the Vin65 Form Builder. For more information on this, please visit this link.
Fulfillment Centre Shipping centre contracted to quickly ship your wine to your customers.  For more information on fulfillment/shipping, please visit this link.
Future Ship Date The ship date of an order that is after the completed/submitted order date.  Future Ship Dates can be modify without refunding/editing order.  
FTP Account FTP accounts allow you to connect to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) file directory and this allows your designer to add images and data through an FTP program. The below video and text documentation will walk you through how to set up an FTP account. 
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Gift Card

A Gift Card refers to two areas:

  • A product that can be created as a product to be sold online. These products are sent as E-Gift Card Codes via email. (If this product is not an option please contact to get it activated).
  • An area to manage the Gift Cards that have been created as products to be sold and it is a utility to create free redeemable Gift Card codes as gifts to valued customers.

Gift Card Documentation

Gift Message Message written by the customer to go along with the order for the order receiver.
Gift Card Summary Report This report allows you to view a summary of All, Active, or Expired (Or $0 Balance) gift cards. This report displays card by number, the initial card value, current balance, expiry date (if applicable), and if the card is active.
Gift Card Transactions This report allows you to view each transaction on your gift cards. Transactions consist of the gift card being purchased, any orders that the gift card is used on, as well as any manual transactions from the admin panel (adding or removing funds).
Greeting Cards Greeting Cards refers to the ability to add Greeting Cards to be added onto your cart using the Product Groups utility. Greeting Card Documentation
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Harvest Date Date of harvest.
Hold This is an Order Status that shows an order is being edited and is not yet complete. Orders with this status cannot be processed, completed or cancelled until taken out of the Hold status.
HTML HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the main written form that goes into creating websites.
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Image Resizer The Image Resizer is a tool used to make images match in size in the case that images are not displaying the way you might want them to. It can also quickly import your previously uploaded images into the store if your product SKU exactly matches the image file name. Image Resizer Documentation
Import The action of importing customers, products, shipping rates, orders, etc. into Vin65. Import/Export Documentation
Import/Export The utility in the Admin Panel found under Settings. Here you can select from several options to import or export products, import contacts, shipping rates, active orders, historical orders, state profile details, etc. Import/Export Documentation
Integrations A key system feature for any web platform is data portability and integration into point of sales systems, fulfillment/shipping centers and compliance companies. Integrations Documentation
Inventory The area where you can control the inventory count of your products. You will find it under the Store tab beside "Products". Inventory Documentation
Inventory Importer The Inventory Importer allows you to import inventory data on an excel spreadsheet into Vin65. The information will be placed into Vin65 and be automatically applied to your products. This tool is located in the Import/Export Utility. Inventory Importer Documentation
Inventory Pool The pool where a certain inventory belongs to.  Vin65 does not formally support inventory in multiple locations such as different warehouses. You are able to create multiple pools for your pickup locations and tasting rooms and manually manage the inventory for these.  
Inventory Velocity Report The inventory velocity report reviews the sales of a SKU over the last 30, 60, and 90 days. Based on the inventory you currently have and the sales that you have made for the SKU over these time frames, the report approximates the rate at which you will deplete your remaining inventory as well as provides recommended actions (OK or Replenish) for 30, 60, and 90 day intervals.
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Javascript (JS Scripts) Javascript is used by designers most often for allowing special design changes to display in a web browser. In Vin65 you will be able to use the JS Scripts button in the Content Editor to embed video and other special HTML. Documentation
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Life Time Value Report

This report is designed to provide you the basic billing details of all of your purchasing customers based on the total amount of money they have spent on your products.
Line Breaks These are smaller breaks (Example: The gap between the sentences lines). These will appear as </br> in the source code.
List In Vin65, a List is a series of searched customers placed together in one group for the purpose of organizing them, categorizing them and/or emailing them in a mass email. List Builder Documentation
List Builder The list builder allows an admin to create a customized detailed list based on several filtering parameters. This utility allows you to download the list once the search is complete, or even turn this list into a contact type. List Builder Documentation
Loonie A common word for the Canadian one-dollar coin.
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Marketing URLs

Marketing URLs can be defined in two areas:

  • Marketing URLs are URLs designed to be appealing for marketing purposes, providing a much shorter URL that is easier to use opposed to a long page ID.
  • The "Marketing URLs" section of the Admin Panel is used to manage and create new Marketing URLs. These can be assigned to a page ID or specific link.

Marketing URLs Documentation

Marketplace(s) Marketplace is another method to sell your products online and allows them to automatically flow into Vin65. Marketplaces Documentation
Meta Tag Descriptions A page's description meta tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about. Meta Tag Descriptions will display within the search results when a person searches for your site.
Mobile Content Mobile Content is able to be added to each web page. If your website also has a Mobile Site created, your pages in the Content Editor will automatically adjust when a mobile device visits your website. The only portion that needs to be customized is if you have a large image on your webpage. If your web page has custom mobile content, a message will appear on the bottom left of the Content Editor in blue saying "Custom Mobile Content". Mobile content can be customized in the Page Properties of a web page in the Content Editor. Mobile Content Documentation
Mobile Traffic Traffic coming to your your website via mobile devices such as smartphone, ipad, etc.
Mod 10 Check

The mod 10 check is a checksum formula verify to make sure that the credit card number entered follows this formula and should therefore be a valid credit card. This is designed to check for keystroke errors, such as too many or too few characters. 

Mod 10 Check Info

Month to Month This is the default club membership option when a customer signs up for a Club Membership. This represents the customer paying each time per Club Shipment (Club Run). Club Setup Documentation
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Notes A note is an internal notation attached to a customer. These are free form notes that will not be displayed to the customer online. The notes feature can be accessed on customers, orders and the dashboard. Notes Documentation
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One Click Auto Configure This is a tool in the Action Email utility that allows you to quickly and easily choose which Action Emails you want pre-configured. Action Email Documentation
Order(s) The term Order can apply in two areas:
  • The order of how webpages or images are to be displayed.
  • The record of a purchase in the Vin65 Admin Panel. These are visible in the Store > Orders.

Orders Documentation

Order History Importer This tool is located in the Import/Export utility. It allows multiple Orders to be Imported into Vin65. These Orders are for historical purposes and are not considered an active Order to be processed.
Order Importer The tool in the Import/Export utility that allows multiple Orders to be imported into Vin65 as an excel file. These Orders are considered active and will be charged by the appropriate method indicated in the import sheet when imported. Order Importer Documentation
Order Range The ability to find orders between x days and to x days in the list builder feature.  Example:  Find customers who have placed an order between 30 and 10 days ago.
Order Status This refers to the progress of the purchase (e.g. Completed, Pending, Quarantine).
Order Type Order Type refers to the method the attempt of purchase was made (e.g. Website, Admin Panel, Mobile, Facebook, POS). If the Order Type displays as Mobile, for example, then it was purchased while browsing on a mobile device.
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Page Security Page restricted for access to certain contact types of club levels or a combination of both. 
Paragraph Breaks The larger of the two spacing options. These will appear as <p> for open and </p> for a close in the source code. 
Payment Gateway This is the routing system that routes transactions on Vin65 to your merchant account. Payment Gateway Documentation
PCI Compliance

PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of requirements for all companies that hold credit card and secure data.

Feel free to look up more information about PCI Compliance.

Pending Pending is an Order Status that indicates an order has been abandoned or the connection was lost during order creation. You will also see a pending order when an admin cancels an order before clicking process while in the admin panel.
Permission Based Marketing Permission Based Marketing is a very effective method of providing specific information and offers to your customers based on information you can collect regarding their individual interests. Information you can glean from their past purchases, for example, will give you new insight into the kinds of programs and offers that you can offer to subsets of your customer base.
Photo Gallery The Photo Gallery tool allows you to add multiple galleries to a website. These galleries will allow your photos to slide and transition from one image to the next, enhancing the feel and atmosphere of any website. Only one gallery can be added per web page. The Photo Gallery tool can be found in the Content Editor under the Components tab. Photo Gallery Documentation
Pickup Location(s) A Pickup Location is an address added in the Pickup Location section of the Admin Panel. This address should be the location for where Wine would get picked up by the consumer. When an order goes through the Admin Panel, website or POS System as a pickup order, this Pickup Location will be added as the "Shipping Address" and "Pick Up" will be clearly indicated in the order. Pickup Location Documentation
Pods Pods are additional data boxes that can appear on any page of a website as assigned by a designer. Pods are designed to give you the ability to add details, promotions and featured products to your website in a unique eye catching way. It allows for further customization while keeping a clean design. Pods can be edited in the Pod utility in the Content Editor > Pods. Pods Documentation
Poll Our poll builder allows you to set up a simple poll and put it on your website. Polls can include a number of questions in a yes/no or multiple choice format. Visitors to your site vote once and are instantly shown poll results and a graph.
Point of Sale (POS) Point of Sale Systems are used for direct purchase of a product. You can have a POS system integrate with Vin65 to have your orders flow into Vin65. POS Documentation
Price Levels This is a feature that allows you set the prices for specific purposes. As a best practice we recommend to keep one price level only and to never delete the retail price level. Price Level Documentation

Product(s) refers to three areas:

  • All of the items you have for sale and the area in which to navigate to manage your products.
  • The area of the Admin Panel, located in the Store tab. Here you can manage all of your products that have been created.
  • A type of product name that can be created. This Product type differs from the Wine type and the Wine Product type in that it is treated as any non-alcoholic merchandise, ranging from hats to shirts.

Product Documentation

Product Brand(s) Product Brands refers to the Brands of your Products. This are of the Admin Panel allows you to create and name multiple Brands of your products to sell. This allows for further organization if required. This area can be found in the drop down menu below of the Products Tab, Store > Products > Product Brand. Product Brands Documentation
Product Bundle/Set This is a product with a main SKU that can have multiple products with individual SKUs added in creating a set or bundle. It is taxed by the Product tax rates and can include both wines and non wine products. Product Bundle/Set Documentation
Product Filtering Filter products by department, active/inactive in Store > Products search parameter.
Product Groups Product Groups allow you to group products and place that group onto the page as a component. Product Groups not only include a listing of products but also a title and teaser. Product Groups usually require a designer or developer to set up.
Product List Your products will display in this component in a list format.
Product Sets Product Sets (or gift sets) gives you customers an easy interface to buy a "gift pack" from an number of offered products and then click a single add to cart button to purchase the order. Product Sets Documentation
Product Template

The product template is is applied to the product pages and generally includes a sub navigation.

You parse the product template in Setting / Designer Launch.

Promo Builder (Promos) The Promo Builder is a utility that allows you to provide discounts to your customers. There are many different types of promos that can be built. Promos will either automatically, or by use of a promo code, discount your products the way you have intended. Promo Builder Documentation
Promo Code This code is optional in the creation of a Promo in the Promo Builder. Promo Builder Documentation
Prospect New customers entered in your database that have never purchased before.
Poutine (pronounced poo-TEEN) French fries served with cheese curds, and covered in gravy. Originated in Quebec but now prevalent across Canada.(Awesome delicious heart attack in a bowl. You aren't Canadian until you've played some hockey and stopped for some poutine and beer.)
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Quarantine Quarantine is an Order Status that only applies to those that use ShipCompliant. It indicates that an order did not pass compliance and is in limbo until the Quarantine reason is rectified. The reason for a Quarantine can be found in the "Compliance" tab of an Order.
QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer Transaction Pro Importer can get your sales information from Vin65 into your QuickBooks accounting system.
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Reload This term refers to the action of reloading your website's request from the server. This action will need to be done by the support team.
Remote Shipper A Vin65/UPS exclusive integration that allows wineries who self fulfill their orders to take advantage of, Vin65's parent company WineDirect's, discounted shipping rates as well as tools to allow wineries to create and print UPS shipping labels directly from within the Vin65 admin panel. Learn More >
Repeat Buyer Customers in database that have purchased from you repeatedly. 
Reports This is a section in the admin panel that allows you to pull reports in Excel format for many required functions, from order details, inventory summaries or club details to fulfillment submissions. This is an important area for exporting sales information. Reports Documentation
Reservations Orders from Tock, VinoVisit or CellarPass that have been pushed into Vin65 are tagged with Reservations as order type.
Resource Bundle This terms refers to a utility that allows you more customization and control of your website's messaging. The Resource Bundle is located in Settings. After every change you would want to reach out to to reload your website. Resource Bundle Documentation
RPRating Robert Parker Rating.
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Sales Associate Sales for your winery. Sales Associates documentation
Sales Attributes A Sales Attribute is one of the ways to track, organize and sort your orders coming into the system. This function is mainly intended for iPad POS orders and Admin Panel orders. Sales Attributes documentation
Sales By Category This report allows you to view your sales based on which Category (Store Pages) they were purchased on. The report lists the Category name and the Total dollar value of sales made within a particular date range. Sales By Category Documentation
Sales By Customer Sales By Customer refers to a specific Report in the Reports tab. This utility allows you to specifically search order history based on a customer number or customer last name within a specific date range. Sales By Customer Documentation
Sales By Date Located in the Reports tab, Sales by Date provides a basic series of information, including billing and shipping information, payment information, total amount of purchase for each Order Number and what club name the client belongs to. This report does not show each individual SKU in each order. Sales By Date Documentation
Sales By Order Number This Report will provide you a report to view your sales within a range of order numbers (Eg: Orders #1000 - #1050), including options for order status choices (e.g. Completed, Refunded, Declined, etc.). Sales By Order Number Documentation
Sales By SKU This report allows you to view your sales by your products. You will be able to run a report based upon SKUs within a specific or date range or order number range. Sales By SKU Documentation
Sales By State This report allows you to view the sales within specific State(s) and/or Province(s). To select multiple states/provinces you will want to hold Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) and click on those you wish to report on (selections will highlight in blue). Sales By State Documentation
Sales By Tender Type This report allows you to view your sales based on the payment type the customer used: Credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, etc), Check, Gift Card, etc. Sales By Tender Type Documentation
Sales Detail This is the most comprehensive of all your sales reports. This report will allow you to view the specific details of each order between a specific date range, including individual SKU details. Often the best option when exporting orders from the Vin65 platform. Sales Detail Documentation
Sales Graph This report populates in PDF format and displays a graph of your sales over a specific period of time.
Sales Overview The analysis of gross sales, discounts and net sales.
Sales Summary This report allows you to view a summary of your sales between a specific date range. The report lists the Date (per day), Order type, Number of Orders for each type, total dollar amounts for each type, as well as a daily total. Sales Summary Documentation
Searches The Searches tab located within the “Store” section of the admin panel allows you to view what consumers are searching for on your website. Searches Documentation
Search Engine Site Map Vin65 provides Google with a Robot.txt file. This search engine site map, technical term: XML, will provide Google with the page Structure for your website. To access your XML site map you will want to navigate to:
Search Summary This report allows you to view a summary of the searches made on your website. Including: Search Term, Search Count (number of searches), and the Average Results Returned. (Exports in .xls format)
Search Detail This report allows you to view All the searches made on your website. Including: Date of the search, Search Term, and the number of results returned. (Exports in .xls format)
Send Mass Email This is a utility that allows you to select the email document, and specific individual or list to send the email to. Send Mass Email Documentation
SEO SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is a feature that enhances your websites discoverability on internet search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
Server This term most commonly applies to a computerized system that serves and answers the requests of multiple other computer systems, sending data of various sorts based on the specific request made by the receiving computer.
ShipCompliant ShipCompliant is a Compliance Company that ensures legal sale of Wine in the United States.
Shipping Shipping refers to the area of the Admin Panel that allows you to create your Shipping Strategies, Rates, Types and Zones. Store > Shipping. Shipping Documentation
Shipping Rates Found in the Shipping Section of the Admin Panel, the Shipping Rates are adjustable and are created after the Shipping Types and Shipping Zones for that Shipping Strategy. Shipping Rates Documentation
Shipping Strategies (Strategy) Shipping Strategies refers to the general category of shipment. (e.g. Wine Shipping, Holiday Shipping) The Shipping Strategies is the first step in creating Shipping Details. Following Shipping Strategies you would next create a Shipping Type. Shipping Strategies Documentation
Shipping Types Shipping Types refers to the second step in creating Shipping details in the Admin Panel. Shipping Types should be named as your carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, GSO) with their accompanying Carrier Code or Shipping Type Code. Shipping Types Documentation
Shipping Type Code (Carrier Code) The Shipping Type Code refers to the specific code each carrier uses to properly ship your products. Shipping Type Code Documentation
Shipping Zones Shipping Zones refers to the specific set of states that you want to ship to. (e.g Zone 1: CA, NV, TX, WA; Zone 2: GA, IN, MS) Shipping Zones Documentation
Site Maps The navigation of a website is important in helping visitors quickly find the content they want. Definition: “an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their site that are available for crawling.” ‘Crawling’ is how a search engine searches your pages (sometimes referred to as “Spiders”).
SKU Stock keeping unit number/code.
SMS Short for Short Message Service which is the technical term used for mobile text messages that cellular devices use. 
Spirit A Spirit is a distilled alcoholic beverage that might be sold on the Vin65 Platform. Spirit Documentation

Secured Sockets Layer is a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data − a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message. 

On August 6, 2014, Google announced that having SSL everywhere will now improve your search engine rankings.

State Profile The State Profile is a utility in the Admin Panel that allows you to control the tax rates for both wine and non wine products individually and customize by each state. It also allows you to control which provinces or states are compliant or not. The handling rates for each state are also controlled here. The option is also given whether or not to charge tax on the handling. State Profile Documentation
Sub Department

Whenever there is a product department, there will be the option of having a sub-department.

Product Sub Department Documentation

Submitted Submitted is an Order Status showing that the order has been submitted into Vin65 and not yet completed. This status will also show up when reviewing an order, providing an accurate submitted date, the date which the customer had entered the order on the website, or the date which the admin began creating the order in the Admin Panel.
Support Plans There are three flexible plans to receive first hand support at Vin65. More information on our support plans can be found here.
Support Ticket A ticket generated by emailing The support team receives these tickets and responds quickly to answer those difficult questions that documentation might not cover.
System Emails A series of pre-made email documents created with specific formatting to allow the platform to function correctly. These Email Documents can be edited, but should never be deleted, and auto-populating data should never be removed. System Emails Documentation
System Errors (error.htm)

The second error page is in the root of your project files and is called error.htm

This error page is used when the system throws an error. We have a separate page with no server processing on it because we don't want to send the server into a looping error which would crash the server. So if there is a server level error we use this generic htm file to show an error. Server error can happen if a layout calls a pod location or content block that doesn't exist or if there are error in the site setup like shipping rates not existing.

There are no system process on this page - everything is hardcoded to prevent a error loop.

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Tasks Tasks refers to the tasks feature, which allows you to setup task reminders for users with admin panel access. Tasks can be placed on a contact, an order, or a product via their respective task tab. This feature can be accessed in a contact record, a product, an order, as well as the dashboard. Tasks Documentation
Taxes by Zip Code This is a feature for those that have Ship Compliant services set up. This is an option that we provide to allow you to use Ship Compliant's tax rates organized by the zip code, instead of a state wide average which is the default on Vin65. This feature can only be activated by a Vin65 support representative.
Teaser Teaser refers to a section of text for a Club or Product. This text displays on a page that shows a list of Products or Club options and is a very brief question to whet the consumers appetite or quickly draw their attention to read more. Teaser Documentation
Toque (pronounced "tuke," like Luke) A knit cap usually worn in winter. Known as a Ski Cap in the USA.
Timmy's or Tim's Slang for Tim Horton's, a chain of doughnut and coffee shops named after a famous hockey player.
Toonie A common word for the Canadian two-dollar coin, pronounced "too-nee."
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UI User Interface.

Unsubscribe refers to three areas:

  • A contact type to organize those that have opted out of receiving email correspondence from you.
  • The action to opt out of being contacted by your company.
  • A button that is recommended to be on all of your email documents.

Unsubscribe Documentation

URL(s) URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is the term used for any website address or character string to take you to a website (e.g.
User Choice Clubs

The User Choice Club type allows you to give your club members the power to choose the number of bottles of each of the wines included in their club shipment, either when they initially sign up or through edits to their membership made before you process the shipment.

For more information, please visit the User Choice Clubs documentation.

User Choice Club Report This report will allow you to view each your club members choices in products. You will be able to filter by the specific season, membership status, as well as date range.  For  more information, please click this link.
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Varietal Describes a wine made primarily from a single named grape variety and which typically displays the name of that variety on the wine label.
Vendors Webservices connected to Vin65. This can be viewed via Store > Orders search parameter > Vendors
Video Video can be defined in two areas:
  • Moving Picture with Audio that is able to be added to a webpage.
  • Embedded Video can be added in the Admin Panel by using Javascript (JS Script).

Video Documentation

VinoVisit VinoVisit integrates with Vin65 and allows your customers to reserve tastings and tours at your winery.
Vintage Vintage added to the details of the product.
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Webinar A Webinar is a live online video Seminar where we instruct you on how to run specific utilities on the Vin65 platform. These are announced on the dashboard of your admin panel and also are displayed here if there is one scheduled.
Webservices Webservices is a utility to connect Vin65 to third party services such as POS Systems, Fulfillment Centers, etc. Webservices Documentation
WERating Wine Enthusiast Rating
Wine Wine is one of the Product options to choose when adding Products. Wine Documentation
Wine Appellations Wine Appellations refers to the different custom appellations you can give a specific Wine (e.g. Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Russian River Valley). Once these are created they will display in the "Appellation" drop down in the product creation screen. Wine Appellation Documentation
Wine Bottle Size The size of the wine bottle.  It is a mandatory field when adding or editing products. 
Wine Product A Wine Product is designed to be a pre-packaged product containing multiple items but being recognized by one SKU. It has one inventory count and will be seen as one SKU by fulfillment. Wine Product Documentation
Wine Regions Wine Regions refers to the custom regions that can be created in the Admin Panel. These regions would describe the region the grapes came from (e.g. California, Italy, Paris). Once these are created they will display in the "Region" drop down in the product creation screen. Wine Regions Documentation
Wine Types Wine Types refers to the different types of Wine types that can be added in the Vin65 Admin Panel (e.g. Red, White, Ice Wine). Wine Types are able to be searched by their type on the front end of your website. Once these are created they will display in the "Type" drop down in the product creation screen. Wine Types Documentation
Wine Varietals Wine Varietals refers to the different custom varietals that you can give a Wine (e.g. Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir). Wine Varietals Documentation
WSRating Wine Spectator Rating.
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X (Buy X Get Y) X refers to the purchased product for the promo option Buy X Get Y. Buy X Get Y Documentation
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Y (Buy X Get Y) Y refers to the included product for the promo option Buy X Get Y. Buy X Get Y Documentation
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Zip Code This refers to the zip code seen in the address fields of a Customer Contact Record. A zip code is not mandatory for importing a customer but it would be required if valid orders need to be made.
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404 Error This page is used when someone attempts to link to a page that doesn't exist on your site. For instance if there is an old link or marketing url that used to exist on your site but no longer is active. If a visitor tries to visit that older page then they will get the 404 Error page which by default uses the Main Layout - it is generally a good idea to put a site map on that page so visitors can re-orientate themselves.
46Brix Enables wineries to connect with buyers who are actively purchasing wine online, driving both customer acquisition and ROI. This is done by offering customers included (free) ground shipping on orders over two bottles for an annual membership fee of $79 per year. You will have control over which shipping types qualify as part of the 46Brix program as well as the ability to choose whether your club shipments will qualify as part of the membership or not.   For more information on 46Brix, please visit this link.