Email Documents V2.1

The Email Documents section is where you will create and manage your email documents.


Adding An Email Document: Learn how to create a new email document. Learn More >

Send an Email Document: Learn how to send email documents. Learn More >

Duplicate an Email Document: Learn how to duplicate email documents. Learn More >

Quick Setup: Learn how to add some of Winedirect's email templates. Learn More >  

System Emails: Learn more about the automatic emails that are sent when a specific action occurs in Vin65. Learn More >

Auto-Populated Data: Auto-Populated information based on your contacts. Learn More >

Email Statuses: Learn more about the purpose of email statuses, what statuses are available, and how contacts are assigned to each. Learn More >

Unsubscribe From Emails: Learn more about the unsubscribe process in Vin65. Learn More >

Email Document FAQs: Review frequently asked questions related to email documents. Learn More >

Adding An Email Document

Use the steps below to create a new email document:

1. Go to Contacts > Email Documents. 

2. Click Add An Email Document. 

You will then be taken to the General Information section of the new email you are creating.

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General Information

The General Information section is where you will control the basic information for your email document such as the subject, template, and sender information.

1. Select the Email Template you want to use for your new email document. There are three default email templates already setup that are utilized by system emails:

  • Blank Email
  • Default Email
  • Default Email Error
  • Default Email Success

Vin65 also has some free responsive email templates available for newsletters and featuring wines and events. You can choose to add these templates under Settings > Templates > Quick Setup, just select which ones you would like to add. (This will add them to the dropdown list when you create emails in the future.) Check back here for new email templates as more will be released. Learn more about Quick Setup here

2. Enter the Email Name. This is an internal name and will not be visible by in your customer's inbox.

3. Enter the sender's name in From Name.

4, Enter the sender's email address in From Email.  If you need to change the From Domain (, please reach out to

5. Enter the Subject Line for the Email Document

6. Enter the Email Category (i.e. folder) that you want the email to be a part of.

7. Click Save.

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1. Click Edit  under the Content section of your email.

2. Each of the content sections will be layout and allow you to add or edit content in the preset fields that are built into the email template. The types of content sections that are available to you will vary depending on the email template you selected.

3.Click Save. 

Now your email is ready to be sent. Once your document has been sent out statistics around each send and the emails conversion will be tracked and reported on under Stats. 

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The stats section of the email document allows you to track the effectiveness of each of the email sends with statistics on both the sends themselves and the content within the email. There are 3 sections of statistics that you can review: Total overall statistics for the document, statistics per send of the document, and even per link statistics of the content within the document.

Overall Statistics

When you view a document the main graph will give you a combined total statistics for all of individual sends for the email document. 

Per Send Statistics

By clicking on one of the individual email sends from the send list you will be able to see statistics related to the number of emails in that single send.

Per Link Statistics

By clicking on an individual link within the one of the email sends you can see the conversion statistics 

Stat Definitions

Sent Review the total number of emails that were sent in a single send for the email document.
Opens Review the total number/percentage of emails that were opened by recipients.
Clicks Review the total number/percentage link clicks for the email content.
Unique Review the number of recipients that clicks links. Recipients may click more than one link within the document which would count as greater clicks but only one unique click.
Orders Review the total number/percentage of orders that were placed as a result of the link in your email.
Order Amount Review the total dollar amount generated for each of the links in your email.
Club Signups Review the total number/percentage of club signups per email send and per link in the email document.

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Send an Email Document

To send an Email Document, go to Contacts > Email Documents > Select the Document to Send > Click Send Email.

You will have the option to Send the Email Document to a Contact List or Individual Email Address.

Once you select the recepients, you will be taken to the Review tab outlining who you are sending this email to. If you are happy with the Review, click on Send Now.

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Duplicate an Email Document

To duplicate an existing Email Document, go to Contacts > Email Documents > Select the Document to Copy > Click Duplicate.

The following information will be copied over: Email Template, Subject, Email From, Friendly Name, Email Category, Content

If you duplicate an Email Document, the new Email Document will have the same Subject but with "-Copy" added to it.

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Quick Setup Templates

The Quick Setup options are found under Settings > Templates. Template Actions allows you to select and create an number of responsive email templates. This means that they will adjust and look great on all device sizes whether you are viewing it on a desktop computer, tablet, or phone.

**Note that these are templates for email documents that you create, not the actual email documents. If you are wanting to send out an email, you will continue to go to Contacts > Email Documents > Add an Email Document.

1. Go to Settings > Templates > Template Actions > Quick Setup.

2. Check which template(s) you would like to add.

3. Click Setup

4. You will now want to add any default content such as a logo and address. Please note that you will still create emails under Contacts > Email Documents. This is the email template, not the actual email. :) Any content that you enter will be prefilled for you every time that you create an email document with this template selected.

If you don't want any default content to be prefilled, you can remove the text.

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Quick Template Options

Featured Event - Use this template for wine pickup parties, new wine releases, winery events, concerts, club parties and winemaker dinners. It features a full width image (660x225), content and a button, great for a single call to action. 

Featured Wine - Use this template for showcasing new releases, featured wines, promotions and club-only releases.


Newsletter - Use this template to keep people up to date with your winery's news, events, blog posts, etc. You have the ability to add a featured image, and add important links for your customers to the footer. 

Blank - When you are creating an email document, you can use this template to paste in the HTML from another email. This give you complete control over customization without needing your designer to create a custom email template under Settings > Templates. It only contains by default a section for content/HTML and for footer links. 


Email Documents FAQs

  1. Can I create new email templates?
  2. What if I just want an HTML content email like my old email templates?
  3. How does the unsubscribe options work?
  4. If I'm currently on V1 emails - can I get V2.1 emails turned on?
  5. I would like to change the templates that my system emails use. Which ones should I modify?
  6. I tried to delete my email document but it says it's attached to a POS profile, what do I do?

Can I create new email templates?

Yes. Designers and developers can create new email templates using the Templates section of the admin panel. Learn More >

Please note that the admin user must be marked as Is Developer to access the Templates section. Learn More >

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What if I just want an HTML content email like my old email templates?

When creating a new email document select the Blank Email template. This template does not contain a header image but does contain the footer with the mandatory unsubscribe and privacy policy links. You can use the Source button to copy the HTML content from one of your existing emails and use Source again to paste this into the body of the of an email document using the Blank Email template.

If your original email template included an unsubscribe and/or privacy policy link within the content you will want to remove this in favor of the unsubscribe links included in the footer.

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How does the unsubscribe options work?

Templates will automatically contain a footer that includes that unsubscribe and privacy policy links that are required to send emails through SendGrid. Learn More >

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If I'm currently on V1 emails - can I get V2.1 emails turned on??

Absolutely! You just need to email and ask to have V2.1 emails turned on for your winery. Our support team will take you through the steps to get going with V2.1 emails.

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I would like to change the templates that my system emails use. Which ones should I modify?

For modifying system email templates, you will want to make changes to the "Default Email Success" and "Default Email Failure" templates. Be sure to test your system emails after you finish making your changes to the template!

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I tried to delete my email document but it says it's attached to a POS profile, what do I do?

Email documents that are assigned to one or more POS profile(s) cannot be deleted. An different email document must be assigned to the POS profile(s) under Settings > POS Profiles using the Order Confirmation Email drop down select. 

For more information see POS Profile Documentation.

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