Product Brands

You can use product brands to organize your products by brand when creating new ones, and you can also view and filter by brand name in sales reports. There are two ways to add new product brands. You can create them before you begin adding a product, or create them during product setup without leaving the setup screen.

Add A Brand: Learn how to add a product brand and marketing URL. Learn More >

Apply Brand To A Product: Learn how to apply a brand to a specific product. Learn More >

Add A Brand

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Products > Product Brands.

2. Click [+] Add A Product Brand


General Information

1. Enter the name of the brand under the Brand field.

2. You can use the marketing URL you create for each brand as the landing page for that brand. If you plan to send customers to this pagem be sure to add content to the Description field. This can include, text, images and additional links, just like any content editor page.

3. Set the brand to Active so you can begin applying the brand to your products.

4. Click Save.

Brand The name of the Brand you are creating.
Order The "Order" in which your brand will be listed in the admin panel.
Description Here you can input a description of your Brand.
Is Active? Check this box to allow your Brand to appear as a selectable option in your admin panel.

If you are an Enterprise client and are setup with Master Products (where mulitple websites share a single set of products across all the websites) you will be required to set the producing winery when creating a brand.

This will allow marketplaces and other connected integrations to associate the correct brand with the correct winery, even if the wine is being sold on multiple websites or marketplaces.

ShipCompliant Brand Key

If you are using ShipCompliant for your compliance and tax needs, and have the ShipCompliant Product Sync enabled, then the ShipCompliant Brand Key will be a mandatory field.

This key will be one that you have created in ShipCompliant to help tie the brand you have created in ShipCompliant to the brand you have created in Vin65.

If you are unsure of what your brand key should be for a specific brand please contact your ShipCompliant rep or

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You can also add a product brand when creating a new product, without ever having to leave the product setup page. Simply select Add New from the Product Brand dropdown within the General Information section:

Add New Product Brand


The marketing section allows you to modify the URL and marketing information for a brand. This information will automaticlly be generated and saved when you create a new brand, based off of the name of the brand.

1. Under the Marketing section of the Brand, click Edit

2. Edit any of the marketing fields. If you have a large number of products and plan to use our advanced product search functionality, this meta information will be used on a category page created specifically for this brand for search purposes.

Marketing URL A shortened version of the URL which contains the product brand information. This will automatically be generated based off of the name of the brand.
  • i.e: products/Brand/Pine-Wines
Meta Tag Title The tag title that will appear at the top of your web browser tabs.
Meta Tag Description A summary that gives Google and other search engines a description of what the page is about. Click here to learn more about Meta Tag Descriptions. 

3. Click Save.

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Apply A Brand To A Product

1. Go to Store > Products and click on the product you want to edit.

2. Click Edit under the main General Information section.

3. From the Product Brand drop down, which will list all of the brands that you have created,  select the brand you want to apply to the product.

4. Click Save.

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