The dashboard is your welcome screen. It includes the latest news from us, your development team, information about recently added features and any other news we feel might be useful for you.

Sales: The sales dashboard has five different views so that you can drill down to exactly what analytics you are looking for. Learn More >

Club: Check in on your clubs to see how they are growing and who are your top members. Learn More >

Contacts: Get to know your customers from a 900 foot view. Learn More >

Tasks: In the Tasks area allows you to view and manage all tasks assigned to your admin users regarding, customers, orders, or products. Learn More >

Notes: The Notes tab in allows you to keep track of internal notes related to customers or orders. Learn More >

Customize: The Customize Dashboard tab allows you to add and remove modules from your dashboard homepage. Learn More >

New Features: Keep up to date on all the latest updates to the Vin65 platform. Learn More >

FAQs: Review frequently asked questions regarding the Vin65 dashboard. Learn More >

Dashboard FAQs

  1. Can I choose which dashboard widgets display when I log in?
  2. Why do some widgets say "Load Widget"?

Can I choose which dashboard widgets display when I log in?

Yes. Under the Customize Dashboard section you can chose up to 8 widgets that will appear on your dashboard when you login. This is a per user customization, meaning that each admin can have their own custom arrangement of widgets. See Customize Dashboard Documentation for more information. 

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Why do some widgets say "Load Widget"?

All dashboard widgets are setup to automatcially load as quickly as possible after you login to the admin panel. During heavy traffic periods some widgets, like Alerts, will take longer to automatically load after login. If you need to use the widget before it has fully loaded and displayed you can click the Load Widget text to load the wdiget right away. 

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