The search feature on the Vin65 platform allows consumers to search your ecommerce store quicker and easier than navigating through numerous menus and pages. When searching for products on your website consumers will be given steadily narrowing search results based on what they type into the search field. This process will start once a consumer has typed in the third Character (Eg: Cha...Chardonnay). The system will also rank search results, displaying most relevant products at the top of the search results.

To get to searches:

1. Go to Store Searches

2. Type in a term in the term field > specify your dates.

3. Press Search.

The Searches section allows you to view what consumers are searching for on your website. Here you can search and view the specific searches made, including: the Date & Time or the search, the Search Term (what was searched for), and the number of results found.

If you do not see this tool available please contact to get this turned on for you.

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