The Contacts Tab of the admin panel gives you the ability to manage your contact database, group/build lists of contacts, as well as reach out to your contacts via email. From Contacts, you will be able to manage the following:

List of Contact Sections

Contacts Search: The search tool for finding a contact in your Vin65 database. Learn More >

Contacts: The Contacts section allows you to manage your existing client base. Learn More >

Contact Type: Contact Type allows you to create custom tags to segment your customers into different groups. These groups can be utilized in various features such as Page SecurityAllocations, List Builder, Promotions as well as Sending Email Documents. Learn More >

List Builder: The List Builder is a powerful tool that will help users create customized customer lists that can be used for targeted marketing programs as well as customized customer indexing. Learn More >

Email Documents: The Email Documents section is where all your email templates are stored and where you would be able to access these documents to edit them. Learn More >

Action Emails: The Action Email option allows you to set up automatic emails for groups of contacts when a specific platform action occurs such as a Club Membership anniversary or when a customer places their order for the first time. Learn More >

Send Mass Email: The Send Mass Email is a powerful tool that allows users to send Email Documents to single customers or groups of customers via Lists or Contact Types. Learn More >

Unsubscribe From Emails: This feature allows users to set up links that provide a customer the ability to unsubscribe from receiving any future newsletters and promotional emails. Learn More >

Member Area: The member area is a series of account information pages that are visible on the front end of your website to manage different portions of a user's online account. Learn More >

FAQs: A list of frequently asked questions for the Contacts section. Learn More >

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