Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is a virtual terminal that connects to your merchant account and enables the processing of payments for orders placed on your website, through the admin panel, or POS. Below is a list of accepted gateways compatible with the WineDirect platform:  

WineDirect Payments

WineDirect Payments is the fully integrated end-to-end payment platform WineDirect.  It offers a suite of services that allow you to access exclusive features such Automatic Credit Card Updating and Same Day Refunds on POS

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eWay is the WineDirect gateway option for Australian clients. 

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Note: The Automatic Credit Card Updating feature is not currently available in Australia.

FAQS: Review frequently asked questions regarding the Payment Gateways. Learn More >

Gateway & Merchant Services

WineDirect Payments is the integrated WineDirect Preferred Payment Solution. By combining gateway and merchant services, you get access to:

Credit Card Updater: Automatically update your club members' credit cards, without the hassle of calling and emailing. Learn More >

Same Day Refunds: Process same-day refunds directly from your POS device. Learn More >

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Automatic Credit Card Updating

Reduce Credit Card Declines: In the past, WineDirect used action emails, point of sale alerts, and other targeted messaging to try and recover declined and expired cards. Using an automatic credit card updater will reduce credit card decline rates even further. Declined cards can be a huge hurdle for most wineries running a wine club.

Less Opportunity Cost: Wineries will spend less time calling, emailing or texting customers with expired credit cards. This new tool relieves a lot of that after sale administration. Process your wine club smoothly with an average 30% recovery rate for expired cards.

Better After Sales Experience: Less time on after sales services leaves a winery with more time to sell wine direct to consumer. Customers aren’t being bombarded with credit card expiration notices and can continue to enjoy wines from their shipments.

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Same Day Refunds On POS

With WineDirect Payments, you can offer same day refunds through the WineDirect POS. Before, you needed to place the refund in the admin panel but now you can do a refund whenever your consumer would like to. This is an exclusive feature with WineDirect Payments and is not available through any other payment gateway or processor that connects to WineDirect.

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Gateway FAQs

  1. What determines when/how often WineDirect sends funds to our Gateway?

What determines when/how often WineDirect sends funds to our Gateway?

When an order is made, the transaction gets sent right away to the payment gateway as soon as the system attempts to process the order. The Payment Gateway either approves the transaction or declines them based factors such as card expirey date, etc. The Gateway then captures the funds, typically during a late night batch time. Of course, the time differs depending on the gateway and your client settings within the gateway.

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