Price Levels

Watch the tutorial video and read the following text to learn more about Price Levels.

How Price Levels Work: Learn more information about price levels. Learn More >


Video Keypoints:

  1. 0:00 Introduction (Promos or Price Levels?)
  2. 1:40 Promos & Price Levels, What A Customer Will See

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How Price Levels Work

Many stores choose to have just one price level (for example “Retail”). However, you may want to add additional levels such as wholesale or employee pricing. The additional levels that you set will be available to contacts but you need to manually add them to that price level (i.e. If you have a 'club price' set up, if someone signs up for a club, they ARE NOT added to the 'club price' level. You need to manually add them to the 'club price' level. WineDirect suggests using promos to manage club pricing rather than price levels).

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