Fulfillment / Shipping

Automatically send your orders to your fulfillment/shipping center to quickly ship your wine to your customers and see insight into each order’s shipping status. For fulfillment providers that don't use a direct integration with Vin65, you will need to set up a 'webservice' account for them. Set up a webservice account »

If you are not sure if your fulfillment provider uses a direct integration with Vin65 or not please contact your fulfillment provider to get confirmation.

WineDirect: Direct integration with WineDirect for sending of orders and retrieving order statuses and inventory. (No Webservice Account Needed). Learn more >

UPS Easy Ship: Wineries who ship in-house can take advantage of Vin65's Easy Ship program. Generate labels inside Vin65, streamline the delivery process, get free features from the carriers, and save by using our rate card. Learn more about Easy Ship.

Copper Peak: Direct integration with Copper Peak Logistics for sending of orders and retrieving order statuses and inventory. (No Webservice Account Needed)

Vinfillment: Direct integration with VinFillment for order management and fulfillment. Tracking numbers and shipping statuses are also automatically updated in Vin65.

FORT Systems: Direct integration with FORT Systems via Webservice for fulfillment. Orders are pulled from Vin65, and tracking information is then pushed back to Vin65. Contact FORT Systems for a list of compatible wine warehouses.

Other: Use a different fulfillment center? You can use ShipCompliant as an alternative method for other fulfillment centers such as Bacchus Fulfillment, Fort Systems (WSN), Pack n’ Ship, Wine Country Pack & Ship and Wine Shipping. To learn more about using a Compliance integration click here.

Other Self Ship/Fulfill: Quickly print order invoices and packing slips for single or batches of orders like club shipments. Export order information into excel and import it into your shipping provider (i.e. FedEx, UPS, GSO, etc.), then import tracking numbers into Vin65 via Excel. Learn more about the Tracking Importer.

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