Gift Card

There are two ways to use gift cards in Vin65: online with gift codes or through our opt-in physical gift card program. 

Digital Gift Cards

Here you can learn about adding a Gift Card to your list of products. Watch the tutorial video and read the following text to learn more: 

How To Create a Digital Gift Card Product: Follow the steps to learn how to create a Gift Card product. Learn More >

Adding Multiple Gift Card Prices: Set up different Gift Card options for your customers to buy. Learn More >

Manually Adding Gift Cards: Add Gift Cards to give away. Learn More >

Edit Gift Card Emails: You can customize the email that is sent when someone buys a Gift Card. Learn More >

Purchasing a Gift Card Online: See the steps a customer takes when buying a Gift Card. Learn More >

Digital Gift Card FAQs: Frequently asked questions about Digital Gift Cards. Learn More >

Physical Gift Cards

The Vin65 physical Gift Card program is an opt-in feature that allows you to sell gift cards in your tasting room.

How it works: See what steps you need to take to get started. Learn More >

Batch Create Gift Card codes: Learn how to Batch Create your Gift Cards. Learn More >

Physical Gift Card FAQs: Frequently asked questions about Physical Gift Cards. Learn More >