Mobile Content

With the flexible content management tools, you have the ability to optimize the content of your mobile pages further. Watch the tuturial video and read the following text to learn about mobile websites, mobile-commerce, and how to create a great mobile website:

Edit Your Mobile Page Content: Learn how to edit your websites page content on mobile view. Learn More >

Edit Your Mobile Page Content

1. Go to the page in the Content Editor that you would like to edit

1. Click on the Store page and then go to Page Properties.

2. There are 5 tabs in Page Properties: General, Mobile, Marketing, Security and Admin. Click on Mobile.  Make sure the box is checked off Customize Mobile Content and you will now see and be able to edit the mobile page of 'Store'. Editing the mobile page content is very simple and exactly the same as editing content on other site pages. 

3. Once you are done editing your mobile content, please remember to click Apply Changes and Save Page.

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