Action Email Queue

When you click on the Action Email tab, you will be taken to your Action Email Queue. The Action Email Queue will display all the email documents that are in your queue waiting to be sent, those previously sent, or those not being sent for a given reason. Emails in your queue that are ready to be sent will be automatically sent, or you can send individual emails manually.

Searching Your Queue: Learn how to search for email documents within your queue. Learn More >

Manage/Modify Documents in Queue: Learn how to view, manage, and customize individual action emails within your queue. Learn More >

Action Email Status: Learn about action email status and the three categories they fall into. Learn More >

Searching Your Queue

Within the search parameters on your left, you're able to search for documents within your queue using the following search parameters:

Send From/To This is a date range search (MM/DD/YYYY). Enter the range you wish to search or select a date from the modal calendar pop-up.
Action This is the title/name of the action you created to generate your emails. For more information please see the Action Email Setup Documentation.
First/Last Name Search by the first and/or last name of the email recipient.
Status Every email that enters your queue is assigned a send status. The status parameter allows you to search by the send status assigned to an email document: To Be Sent, Sent, Not Sending (No Product Link), Not Sending (Over Sent), Not Sending (Do Not Send List), Not Sending (Other). For a complete list of status definitions please see the Action Email Status Documentation.


Managing/Modifying Documents in Queue

The Action Email Queue allows you to view, manage and customize individual action emails within your queue. The main queue page will display the basic information for each email including: send date, which action email is to be sent, recipient contact, and the send status. You can edit individual documents by clicking the pencil icon and deleting individual emails by clicking the red [X] icon.

When you open up a given email document you will have the ability to personalize the content within the email for that single document as well as the ability to manually adjust the send status of an email.

Action Email Status

Every action email within your email queue will be assigned an email status. Email statuses fall into three main categories: To Be Sent, Sent and Not Sent (for a given reason). 

List of the Email Action Statuses:

To Be Sent Emails with this status are waiting in your queue to be sent. There are no issues with this email and will be sent out on the scheduled send date.
Sent Emails with this status have already been sent. These are historical records.
Not Sending (No Product Link) Emails with this status are on hold and will not be sent out. Order action emails such as the ‘Abandoned Cart’ and ‘New Order’ actions pull order information to display to a customer. If a product within the order has been marked as inactive or removed from your site since the order was placed, action emails containing this product will be held with a No Product Link status.
Not Sending (Over Sent) 

Emails with this status are on hold and will not be sent out. To help prevent your contacts from being spammed with a number of action emails, the WineDirect platform is set to only allow the same action email to be sent once within 30 days. If you have an order action email for online purchasers for example, they will only receive one email even if they place multiple online orders within 30 days. A contact can still receive a number of different types of action email within 30 days. For example, you could receive an order action email, new membership email and a birthday email all within 30 days.

You have to option to mark these emails documents as To Be Sent and the ability to manually send the email or delete it.

Not Sending (Do Not Send List) Emails with this status are on hold and will not be sent out. The contact assigned to the email is part of a contact type marked as do not send. You can still choose to manually mark the email as ‘To Be Sent’ or manually send the email. For more information on adding a contact type to the do not send list, please see the Do Not Send List Documentation.
Not Sending (Other) Emails with this status are on hold and will not be sent out. This is a manual option that allows you to mark a document as do not send. This can be done for any reason you do not wish to send the email out.


Options to help you manage statuses:

  1. By updating all products in the email to an active status, you can then regenerate the content in the email document to pull an updated link by clicking the Reset Email option in the top right of the document window. If you have a number of email documents to update, you may want to recreate your entire queue for that action rather than addressing each individual email. To do this, please see the Queue tab for the action email document. For more information please see the Queue Tab Documentation.
  2. If you do not want to update the product links but still want to send the email out, you can manually change the email status to To Be Sent or manually send the document from the Send Now option in the top right of the document window.
  3. Leave the action email marked as Do Not Send or delete the document.