Add Additional Emails onto a Contact 

This new feature allows you to add up to five additional email addresses to a contact record.  Any emails added will receive all of that contact's transactional emails. Due to data protection regulations, at this time we can only offer this functionality for transactional emails.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure that parties sharing a club membership receive necessary club communications
  • Add a partner/spouse email for extra visibility on important notifications regarding purchases, shipping and billing.
  • For added convenience, customers can receive notifications to both a work and home email
  • Easily locate a contact by searching for any email address added to it, whether it is a primary or additional email
  • Additional email(s) only receive transactional communications to ensure that your winery will remain GDPR compliant

Adding/Removing an Email for a Customer

When creating or opening up a contact, you will see a new + Add email address, where you can enter additional email addresses for that contact. You can also remove additional emails by clicking on the trash can icon beside the email address you wish to remove. 

Customers can also make this change by logging in to their account online and going to the "Edit Profile" page. If they want to remove an additional email address, they can simply delete the email address text entered into the field and save their account. 

Admin Panel

Point of Sale


Customer Notification

After an additional email address is added to an account, both the primary and additional email address(es) will receive a notification email letting them know of the change.

Please note: The very first time an additional email address is added for a contact, on clicking "Save", you will receive a notification that the new system email documents have been created and you will be given the opportunity to edit and review the email documents or you can just proceed with sending them. 

Notification to the Primary Contact

When an additional email(s) has been added to a contact, the primary email address will receive a notification of this action. If there has been a mistake, they can either contact the winery or login to their account to remove it. This email document is called "A New Email Has Been Added To Your Account".

Notification to the Additional Email Address

When an additional email address has been added to a contact, the new email being added will receive a notification of this action. If there has been a mistake, they can click on the link to remove their email from the account. This email document is called "Your Email Has Been Added".


Unsubscribes work differently for primary email addresses and additional email addresses.

Today in the system, a contact can only unsubscribe from marketing emails as they are required to receive their transactional emails. Any additional email address, however, will have the option to unsubscribe on any transactional emails that belong to another contact. 

After clicking “Unsubscribe”, they will be removed from that contact’s account completely. If an additional email address exists in the system as a separate contact, clicking “Unsubscribe” in another contact’s transactional email, will only remove them from receiving mail for that contact and they will not be unsubscribed for their main contact record.

So Exactly Which Emails are Sent to Additional Emails?

Additional email address will only be sent emails that are considered transactional or system emails. System/transactional emails are broadly defined as an email that is triggered by a user action on a website or mobile app and those regarding details for a customer's order such as receipts or shipping notifications. 

Automatic Transactional Emails

System emails are automatically sent to additional email addresses. You can view all System Emails by navigating in the Admin Panel to Contacts > Email Documents > clicking Advanced on the search and selecting the email category of System Emails.

The following documents will not be sent due to privacy and security reasons: 

  • Subscriber Confirmation emails
  • Email Verification: DoubleOptIn emails
  • Password Reset emails

Winery Initiated Transactional Emails

When any transactional emails are sent through the following tools, they will be received by any additional email addresses across your contacts. 

Please note that the intended purpose for the areas listed above is for important order / account related information only and should not be used for marketing emails as it will ignore that contact's email status (ie. "Unsubscribe", etc.)

Winery Initiated Marketing Emails

In order that you remain GDPR compliant, additional email address will not receive any email communications sent through Contacts > Email DocumentsSend Email tool.

Reporting & Email Stats

Email statistics under Reports, Contacts, and List Builder have been updated to include sends to additional email address on a contact record.

  • Reports > Contact > Contact List will display any additional email addresses on a contact through additional columns
  • Counts for Reports > Marketing > Email DetailedReports > Marketing > Email Summary, and Contact > Email Documents > select document > Stats all now include and reflect emails sent additional email addresses
  • For email statistics on any given contact record in both the Admin Panel and POS, instead of simply a "Yes" or "No", you'll now see a number count to reflect sends for any/all email address that the document was sent to

  • When you generate a list of contacts through List Builder the additional emails will be available as a comma delimited list contained in a single column in the CSV export

Searching for a Contact

You can look up a contact by primary or additional emails in both the POS and admin panel.


1. How many additional emails can I add?

You can add up to five additional email addresses on a contact.

2. What happens if I resend an email through a contact record?

If an email is resent, it is only sent to the primary email address on a contact.

3. Will I be notified when a contact adds an additional email address to their account

Yes. Just like when the customer makes other changes through their online account, you will also receive a notification when they add/edit/delete an additional email address.