Action Emails

The Action Email option allows you to setup automatic emails for groups of contacts when a specific platform action occurs such as a club membership anniversary or a first-time order. The system makes daily checks, adding contacts to your queue, where the emails wait to be automatically sent to these contacts.  

The following text and video documentation will help you to get better acquainted with this feature:

Action Email Category and Actions: Learn about each action email Category and their trigger Actions. Learn More >

Action Email Setup: Select an email document, trigger action, and other details. Edit the email document, subject text, and where the email will be sent from. View and manage contacts in your queue. One Click Auto Configure for easy setup. Learn More >

Action Email Queue: View, manage, and customize individual action emails within your queue. Search for emal documents within your queue, and learn about various action email statuses. Learn More >

Do Not Send List: Learn how to select contact types that you do not wish to receive action emails. Learn More >


 FAQs: Review Frequently Asked Questions on Action Emails. Learn More >


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