Frequently Asked Questions

If you're having trouble with the WineDirect ecommerce platform, please review this help documentation website. We also have some common problems listed with solutions in the FAQ section below.

FAQ Pricing: Questions on platform pricing, terms and other details. Learn More >

FAQ Content: Editing pages, blog, events and more. Learn More >

FAQ Store: Orders, taxes, shipping and a lot more. Learn More >

FAQ Clubs: Memberships, batch processing, etc. Learn More >

FAQ Contacts: Emails, lists, contact types and more. Learn More >

FAQ Settings: Questions about things like integration, compliance, admin users, etc. Learn More >

FAQ POS: Creating orders, printing receipts, etc. Learn More >

FAQ Reports: Reports not working, see common things that will fix it. Learn More >

FAQ PayPal Express Checkout: Questions on PayPal express checkout. Learn More >

FAQ Website Accessibility: Questions on website accessibility compliance rules under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn More >

FAQ Misc: Good questions, just not all about the same thing. Learn More >