User Choice Clubs

When club season rolls around, your customers will be in a rush to stock up on rare vintages, personal favorites, and any new wines you make available. WineDirect Clubs allows you to provide your customers choices during a season including multiple options with minimum and maximum order sizes while displaying discounts and totals.

Before you get started, you’ll need to add a promo to your newly created club.

Enabling User Choice with SKUs

1. From your admin panel, got to Settings > Website Settings.
2. Select the Store tab and click on the General dropdown option.
3. Click the Has User Choice with SKUs.
4. Click Apply Changes to save your settings and enable User Choice with SKUs.

Add a Promo

The first step is to apply a promotion you’ve previously created.

1. From your admin panel, go to Store > Clubs and select the club you want to edit.
2. Click Edit and set User Choice to Yes.
3.Select the promo you want to apply in the Promo field.

3. Click Save.

Now that your club has a promo with User Choice enabled, you’re ready to add a season!

Add a Season

By adding a season to your club, you’ll provide the details of your wine that will help it sell, including cost savings and order options. 

1. From the admin panel, go to Store > Clubs. Select the club you’ll use to sell your wine.
2. Under User Choice, click Add.
3. Enter the name of the season and enter the order requirements such as the bottles of wine, and their quantity, you want to offer.

4. Click Save.

Club Processing

If you want to review the products being offered during a season, you can view the SKU, price, and discounted price under the Package Setup tab.

1. From your admin panel, go to Store > Clubs and select the club you want to review.
2. Select the Package Setup tab.