Content Editor

The content editor section is where you will manage most of the images, text, and other content that you place on your website.

List of Content Editor Sections

General Pages: Learn how to add various basic types of page content such as text, images, links, and much more. Learn More > 

Blog: Learn how to create and manage a blogs and blog posts on your website. Learn More >

Form Builder: Learn how to create custom forms and place them on your website. Learn More > 

Documents: Learn how to manage a list of downloadable documents. Note: the link tool can also be used to upload files such as PDF's. Learn More > 

Business Locator: Learn how you can place a business and/or restaurant finder tool on your website, complete with Google maps. Learn More >

Events: Learn how to create and manage event calendars to highlight what's going on and special events you are hosting. Learn More >

FAQs Feature: Learn how to add a Frequently Asked Questions section to your website with the FAQs tool. Learn More >

Photo Gallery: Learn how to create an manage images in a photo gallery slideshow to showcase your property or events. Learn More >

Pods: Learn how to edit specific sections of content on your website called Pods. Learn More >

Polls: Learn how to create a poll to ask your visitors various questions. Learn More >

Recipes: Learn how to create and manage a recipes section on your website using the recipes tool. Learn More >

Marketing URLs: Learn how to view and search marketing URLs on mass and how to create URL redirects. Learn More >

Video: Learn how to place YouTube, Vimeo, and other hosted videos on your website. Learn More >

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Learn some basic SEO techniques to manage your website. Learn More >

FAQS: Review Frequently Asked Questions related to Content and Content Editor Tools. Learn More >

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