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Once you have set the parameters for your action email you're able to setup your template email document.

If you choose Create New Email Document in the General tab, a pre-populated Vin65 template email will be generated for you and its content will appear in the Document tab. While the Vin65 templates are a great basic framework for your document, make sure to preview each action email template before you activate it. Vin65 templates include highlighted content and notations where you should customize the content to fit your brand, club offers, etc.

Document Tab Contents

Subject  A default subject line will accompany each Vin65 document template which will include auto-populating fields for your clubs names, etc.
Email From  Each email document will automatically default the send address for your email template. You can change the Email From address from the default and once set, will remain unchanged for each action email sent.
Please Note: you cannot change the @YourDomainName portion of the address. This is the default for all your email documents. If you require adjustment please contact
Friendly Name  The name of the admin creating the email will automatically populate as the friendly name. You can adjust this and once set, will remain unchanged for each action email sent.
Expand Window See more of your email document while you work by expanding the length of the document window. Chanding the content will work the same way as general email documents and website pages.

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