Inventory Overview

From the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Inventory. Any products which are assigned to use inventory will be listed here, where you can adjust their current inventory. 

Watch the tutorial video and read the following text to learn more about Inventory:

Change Default Inventory Settings: Learn how to change default inventory settings. Learn More >

Multiple Inventory Pools: Breakdown of how inventory pools connect and function. Learn More >

Inventory Depletion: Learn how product inventory depletes. Learn More >

Inventory Reports: Learn about which reports are available to review inventory counts and transactions. Learn More >

Video Keypoints:

  1. 0:30 Inventory Pools (includes default out of stock messaging)
  2. 5:25 Inventory Per Product (includes adding inventory manually)
  3. 9:18 Inventory Reporting
  4. 11:25 Inventory management in Products
  5. 12:10 Inventory Importer

Change Default Inventory Setting

1. To change the Default inventory setting, scroll over Inventory then click on Inventory Pools

2. Typically the first pool is named Default Inventory Pool. Click to edit this pool and the settings.

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Multiple Inventory Pools

Here is a breakdown of how inventory pools are connected and function:

Website Orders Only uses Default (Shipping/Warehouse) Inventory Pool
Admin Panel Orders Can use either Pickup Inventory Pool and Default Shipping Inventory Pool
Club Processing Can use both Pickup Inventory Pool and Default Shipping Inventory Pool
POS Orders Can use both Pickup Inventory Pool and Default Shipping Inventory Pool

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Inventory Depletion

The WineDirect platform depletes inventory when someone completes the checkout process, not when they add it to their cart (you’ll see the opposite on ticket master; that’s why you have a limited time to complete your purchase, because you’re holding that ticket/inventory). It is not dependent on when the item is shipped or picked up.

Because it is handled this way, it is possible for two customers to have the same wine in their cart and proceed to the checkout. If two (or more) customers have a product in their cart and that product has one item remaining in stock, it is possible for the customers to complete the purchase process with that item. However it must be within 20 minutes, our platform times out the cart session after 20 minutes.

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