Wine Appellations

Wine Appellations define and geographically indicate where the type of grapes were grown for a particular wine. You can create custom wine appelations to assign to wines when you create them.

Create A Wine Appellation: Learn how to create a wine appellation. Learn More >

Create A Wine Appellation

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Products > Wine Appellations.

2. Click [+] Add a Wine Appellation.

3. Give your appellation a name in the Appellation field (For example: Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Russian River Valley).

4. Select the appropriate Region and the Order you want your wine appellation to be in.

5. The Description section allows you to explain your wine appellation.  Click Save when done.

6.  After you create your wine appellation they will be available from the Appellation drop down menu when adding a wine. The specific appellations that display will vary on by the region that is selected. You can also create wine appellation automatically when using the Product Importer to create your wines.

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