Inserting A Button

You can insert a button onto your site page as an alternative to link internal or external website pages to your own. Read the following text to learn more about inserting a button:

Insert A Button: Learn how to insert a button onto a site page. Learn More >

Additional Button Sizes: Learn about using different button sizes. Learn More >

Insert A Button

To insert buttons on your website page, it is the same process as adding other standard buttons to your site such as Add to Cart, Checkout, etc. 

1. Click on the JS Scripts button in the toolbar.

2. Insert this HTML code

<a href="yourlink" class="linkBtn"><span class="blank">Your Button Text</span></a>

Here is what it looks likes on this site (a button will look different on each site is set up by your designer):

Your Button Text

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Additional Button Sizes

Small Button

<a href="yourlink" class="modalLinkBtn"><span class="blank">Your Button Text</span></a>

Your Button Text

Large Button

<a href="yourlink" class="largeLinkBtn"><span class="blank">Your Button Text</span></a>

Your Button Text

Once you have changed the link and the button text, you can click the "JS Scripts" button (shown in the image below) and paste the embed code within the JS Scripts window. Now save the page and your button will appear.

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