Resource Bundle

The Resource Bundle allows you to have more control of your website's messaging. By modifying the translation of any specified text, you will be able to change how this particular word appears across your entire website. Watch the tutorial video or read the following text to find out more information about your Resource Bundle.

Manage Your Resource Bundle: Learn more about how your Resource Bundle works. Learn More >

Video Keypoints:

  1. 00:30 Example of how to adjust Resource Bundles
  2. 00:50 Searching in Resource Bundle
  3. 01:13 How to Adjust "Continue Shopping" Link
  4. 01:57 Cautions when using Resource Bundle
  5. 02:05 Auto-Populating Tags Warning

How To Manage Your Resource Bundle

1. Navigate to Settings > Resource Bundle

2. You can search for key words in the Text field, or use the Advanced Search drop down menu to search for key words by which Category they are in.

3. Select the key word you would like to change, click Edit, then in the Translation field you can input the new text that you would like to appear.

Element This is non-editable. It is the code for the message which doesn't appear on your site.
Translation This is the editable text that appears on your website. You can click on the Translation and change the text to what you would like it to read.

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