Allocation Builder

The Allocations builder allows you to manage limited production releases and other exclusive wines.

The following is a list of each of the aspects of the Allocation Builder available on the Vin65 platform as well as a description of what each section covers:

List of Steps:

Adding An Allocation: This section will teach you how to create a new allocation release in Vin65. Learn More >

Allocating A Wine/Product: This section will teach you how to setup the wines and products for your allocation. Learn More >

How To Purchase The Allocation: This area will cover the steps in placing an allocation order on your website. Learn More >

Managing The Wish List: This section will teach you how to grant wishes and to place orders for those who wished for more. Learn More >

FAQs: Frequently Asked Allocation Questions. Learn More >

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Intro to Allocations

Learn the basics of how Vin65's Allocation tools work.  In this video, we covered how to create a new allocated product, how to create an allocation and how the checkout process looks for your customers.

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Allocation FAQs

  1. How can I sell allocated products to non-members on the POS?

How can I sell allocated products to non-members on the POS?

If you have allocated products that you wish to sell to non-members on the POS, you will need to have Vin65 Support enable the setting to allow admins to override allocation settings. This will allow admin users to place orders for allocated wines even if the customer is not part of the allocation. For more information see the documentation on purchasing allocated products.


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