Corinna Wang
June 24, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Fix: Several Minor Updates

Over the past few weeks, our team has cleaned up some minor bugs across the platform. These fixes are part of our ongoing committment to improve our software and give you the best experience as you grow your DTC business. Starting today you will notice that you can now:

  • Sign on the signature screen on an iPhone with the POS app
  • See a filled out //AdditionalContactBlob// for secondary emails only, instead of just the unfilled text: //AdditionalContactBlob// on all emails
  • Ensure FlipToShipX no longer checks inventory
  • Filter by customized orders and be able to see past page 1 without losing the filter view
  • Search for products on your front-end website without timeouts

We have also made some improvements within our new Products section:

  • Uploading images fix has been implemented
  • Clubs drop down under product security shows up to active 20 clubs and is now searchable
  • Product listing alphabetical sort is fully functional

Keep your ideas coming in the Ideas Forum!

Time Posted: Jun 24, 2020 at 9:20 AM
Corinna Wang
May 13, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Fix: Tracking Numbers Sync

We have now fixed an intermittent lag that was affecting tracking numbers being sent back to WineDirect Ecommerce. Due to an increase in shipping volume, we've changed the way tracking numbers are synced, ensuring optimal performance going forward.

Previously, wineries syncing their tracking information from either WineDirect Fulfillment or ShipCompliant may have experienced intermittent delays with tracking numbers being updated back into WineDirect Ecommerce. This may have caused customers to receive delayed package tracking emails.

This fix will make the post-purchase experience seamless for your customers once again!

Time Posted: May 13, 2020 at 11:43 AM
Corinna Wang
April 22, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Now: Club Processing Emails Are No Longer Sent To Cancelled and On Hold Members

You can now send emails from club processing without worrying about sending to members that are Cancelled or On Hold. 

Previously, if a member cancelled or was put on hold after being added to a club shipment, they would still receive emails sent from the club processing tool. With the potential of increased club changes, you can now effectively target club communications, sending only to active members in the shipment.

This change was a direct result of your feedback in the Ideas Forum with 42 votes! Keep the ideas coming!

Corinna Wang
April 14, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Fix: Login Redirect

Accessing WineDirect's Admin Panel is critical for your business. That's why when some of you were reporting a redirect issue when trying to access the Admin Panel, our team investigated immediately. We have now determined a cause requiring you to adjust some settings within Google Chrome.

If you are using the Chrome browser, it’s likely the ‘Block third-party cookies’ setting is turned on, resulting in a looping redirect back to the login page. To verify, click Chrome>Preferences>Privacy and Security>Site Settings>Cookies and site data>Block third party cookies. Toggle it to OFF.

You’ll then want to clear, enable, and manage cookies in Chrome - you can do that easily by following these steps.

Corinna Wang
April 14, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Fix: Point of Sale Receipt

If your winery prints receipts after a transaction on the Point of Sale, you may have noticed extra blank spaces on customer receipts.

Our team investigated the cause of the blank spaces some of you were experiencing and have implemented a fix. No action is needed on your part and you can continue to print receipts from the POS as usual.



Corinna Wang
April 14, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Fix: Improved Validation for Product Bundles

Last week, we improved validation for Product Bundles within the new Products section. Previously, the new section allowed users to set product quantities within a bundle to zero. With this improved validation, the minimum quantity is now 1 by default going forward.

If you have already set up a Product Bundle in the new Products section with a quantity of zero, you will need to go back in and change the quantity from zero to 1 to ensure optimal performance.

This is just one of a few updates to improve product bundles we have made in the past few weeks to ensure a smooth checkout experience for your customers.

Corinna Wang
March 3, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Fix: eWay Club Processing Bug

If your winery is in Australia, your club processing functionality has been fully restored. We have now implemented a fix for the freezing that was occurring with the eWay payment gateway while processing club members with an expired credit card. You can now process your club as usual, without having to perform any extra steps.

Corinna Wang
January 13, 2020 | Corinna Wang

Bug Fix: Updates to Lifetime Value, Membership Status and Last Order Date

We have now completed work on how our platform processes orders and calculates Lifetime Value, Last Order Amount, Last Order Date, Is Active Member and Number of Transactions. These updates not only ensure your orders complete faster; they also add an additional layer of stability to the WineDirect Platform.

Previously, orders placed through your website, POS, Club Processing and Admin Panel were calculated in real-time, while imported orders would run at a regular time every night and sync this information. This process was causing congestion and began to slow down our platform - so we disabled it temporarily.

With the new updates, we have moved to a background refresh so that all orders are processed within two minutes of the transaction. With this update, we are timestamping the latest order as it passes through the queue, and we have implemented validation to ensure system performance stays top-notch.

As you close out the year, know that your Reports, List Builder exports and Contact Statuses have been turned back on and are currently up to date. 

Corinna Wang
December 3, 2019 | Corinna Wang

Bug Fix: Blank Contact Orders on the POS

You can now put a Guest Customer order on hold, resume it and then process it without the order creating a blank contact. All you have to do is click Clear Contact after resuming an on-hold order in the POS. You can access the Clear Contact button under the contact's name in the upper right of your screen:

The order will then be processed under Guest Customer which will ensure your contact database, list builder exports and reports don't have blank contacts.

Previously, Guest Customer orders placed on hold converted to No Name orders, creating a blank contact record in your database.

Time Posted: Dec 3, 2019 at 9:00 AM
Carly Imhof
September 4, 2019 | Carly Imhof

Bug Fix: Exporting Reports in Australia

If your winery is in Australia, your reporting functionality has been fully restored to allow exports to Excel. Simply click the Export button in the upper right corner of the Reports screen after setting your report parameters to generate a .csv file. 

We apologize for the recent disruption to reporting tools (which affected Australia, only), and hope that our reports are providing your winery with added value as you run your DTC business.

> Learn how to get the most out of WineDirect Reports here.