The New Contacts section allows you to add, view, and edit your existing client base. This section will let you search for contacts by customer number, name, company, address, email and/or Contact Type. For each contact record, you will be able to manage General Information, Club Memberships, Store (Order History), Allocations, assigned Contact Types, Addresses, Credit Cards, Forms, Social Media, Notes, Tasks, Emails, and SMS. Watch the tutorial video and read the following text for more information:

Adding A Contact: Learn how to quickly add a contact record. Learn More >

Manage General: The information contained in the General section will function as your contact's billing and primary address. Email addresses is a required field and it must be unique across each customer; no two customers may contain the same email address. Usernames and Passwords must be filled out concurrently; if one is filled out, the other cannot be left blank. You will also be able to view the contacts Statistics, Club Memberships, Ordery History, and Tasks. Learn More >

Manage Club Memberships: If your customer would like to join or cancel a Wine Club Membership, the Club Memberships section allows an admin to make changes here. Here you can also set up the shippng and payment options for each Wine Club Membership. Learn More >

Manage Store: The Store section allows you to manage a customer's assigned Price Level, review their tax status (Taxable/Non-taxable), review their Order History, and even the Products Purchased. Learn More >

Manage Allocations: The Allocations section, if applicable, will show the Allocations this customer is eligible for, along with the following information: minimum and maximum amounts for each product in the Allocation, and products in Allocations purchased and requested. This section also gives admins the ability to make a custom grant for a customer's Allocation setup. Learn More >

Manage Contact Types: The Contact Types section allows you to place customers into a Contact Type of your choice. Click Edit to view the populated Contact Types that have already been set up. To put a contact into a specific Contact Type, check the boxes next to each Contact Type you wish your customer to be tagged with. Learn More >

Manage Shipping Addresses: The Shipping Address section allows you to add shipping addresses which may be different from the billing address. This is a great feature which will allow them to choose from a list of Ship To names for future orders, thereby saving time and making purchasing easy. Learn More >

Manage Credit Cards: The Credit Cards section, which is separate from the Clubs section (where credit cards for use with Club Memberships are entered), can be used if your customer would like to keep a card on file for future purchases. Learn More >

Manage Forms: The Forms section can be used to manually complete a form for your customer. Learn More >

Manage Notes/ Flags: The Notes section allows you to add internal notes for your customer that can be used for later reference. Learn More >

Manage Tasks: The Tasks section allows you to add tasks related to the customer and assign them to yourself, or other admin users. Learn More >

Manage Email: The Email section is a stats field which shows you which email campaigns have been sent to this particular customer. You will also see which emails this customer has actually opened as well as well as the documents that the customer has clicked back onto your site with. You can also resend emails to customers by utilizing the Resend button. Learn More >

Manage SMS: The SMS (Short Message Service) section allows admin users to view all text message correspondence that has been sent to a customer. Learn More >

Manage Multiple Emails Per Contact: By adding secondary email addresses to a single contact, you can seamlessly send communications about orders and club shipments to a partner, spouse or friend, ensuring important transactional information won't be missed. Learn More >

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Adding A Contact

Please follow these steps to create a new contact:

1. Navigate to Contacts > Contacts.

2. Click the green [+] Add A Contact button on the right above the Recently Edited Contacts section.

3. You wll now be able to first fill out the General Information section of the contact record. Please note there is a 32 character limit for namesSave your changes.

4. Once the General Information is filled out and saved, you will now be able to manage Club Memberships, Store, Allocations, Contact Types, Addresses, Credit Cards, Forms, Social, Notes, Tasks, Email, and SMS, from the Contact Properties menu.

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