Manage Store

The Manage Store section allows you to view or edit Price Levels, as well as Taxable and Payment options for the contact. You will also be able to view a complete listing of past Order History, create a new order for the contact, and view past Products Purchased.

Store: Set the price level, payment type and if the client is taxable. Learn More >

Order History: See all past orders for the contact. Learn More >

Create Order: Create a new order for a contact. Learn More >

Products Purchased: See what products a contact has purchased. Learn More >


The Store section allows you to choose the Price Level your customer is eligible for (Price Levels, which will have been predefined in the Price Levels tab in your Store, might include levels like Employee or Investor. Retail is the default Price Level and will have been set up for you). You will also be able to choose the payment options available to this customer (i.e. Credit Card Only or Contact Can Buy On Account) and designate the contact as Non-Taxable if applicable (this field defaults to Contact Pays Tax). 

Below is a list of the properties that are editable for a customer's Club Membership:

Price Level If you are employing the use of multiple Price Levels, you will assign which Price Level a customer belongs to from this menu. A contact will not see their Price Level pricing for products unless they are assigned to that Price Level and log into the website. For more information on Price Levels, please visit the Price Level documentation.
Taxable This feature allows admin users to select whether a customer pays taxes on their store orders or not.
Payment This feature allows you to select a customer's Payment options.
  • Credit Card Only: Customers will always be required to enter credit card information when placing a website order.
  • Member Can Buy On Account: Customers will be able to enter either credit card information or select the On Account option as a payment method when placing a website order. Payment terms can be set to: Net 10, Net 30 or Upon Receipt.

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Order History

The Order History section allows you to view the past order history for this customer. Possible types include: Website, Admin Panel, Club Order, iPad, Mobile, Tasting Room and any other Order Types your admin users may have created. If you wish to view a specific order in more detail you can click the Magnifying Glass, which will take you directly to that order. You can also create a new order for a customer directly from the Store tab by clicking the green [+] Add An Order icon. It will bring you tto start the create an order process.

Below is a list of the properties that appear in the Order History section:

Order # Date The date that the order was submitted on.
Status Type The Order Status of the order. Order Statuses include: Submitted, Completed, Pending, Hold, Cancelled, or Quarantined.
Ship Name Bill Name The name that appears on the Shipping Address of the order, and the name that appears on the Billing Address of the order.
Payment Status The Payment Status of the order. Payment Statuses include: Pending, Authorized, Completed, Paid, Submitted, Declined, Voided, Refunded, or External
Ship Status The Shipping Status of the order. Shipping Statuses include: Sent To Fullfillment, Shipped, Picked Up, Handled Externally, Pending Carrier Pickup, No Shipping Required, Not Shipped, and Not Picked Up. 
Total The total of the order. Includes the subtotal, taxes, and shipping. 
[+] Create Order Click this button to create a new order for the customer.

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Products Purchased

The Products Purchased section allows you to review a complete listing of the products that a contact has purchased throughout their lifetime as a customer with you. Products will be listed first by highest quantity purchased, then by the product name. 

Below is a list of the properties that appear in the Products Purchased section:

Products This will list the Product Name.
SKU This will list the Product SKU.
Quantity This will list the quantity of the product sold. It will list the highest value from top to bottom.

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