Manage Emails

The Email section allows users to view all email documents sent to any customers via the Vin65 platform. This allows users to see exactly which emails (including System Emails) that were sent to an individual as well as some statistics about that email document. Statistics include whether the customer opened the email and/or whether the customer clicked on any links within the email.

View Email Details: Learn how to see the detailed email that was sent. Learn More >

Resend Email: Resend the email to the customer. Learn More >

Below are some definitions for the Email tab:

Date The date that the email was sent.
Subject The email document's subject line.
Open This column indicates whether the email document was opened by the customer or not. The values can either be Yes or No. If the customer is using an email browser such as Outlook and does not choose to display images within the email document, then the Vin65 system considers this email as being previewed and will not count it as being opened.
Click Back If you have any links within the document that links either to your website or to another website, these clicks will register as a click back when the customer clicks on the links.

For more information on working with email documents, please visit the Email Documents documentation.

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View Email Details

To view the details of the email that you sent to the client, click on the magnifying glass. This feature allows an admin user to view the contents of the email document that goes out to customers. The document will be displayed on modal window.

For more information on auto-populate tags, please visit the Auto Populated Tags documentation.

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Resend Email

This feature allows admin users to quickly resend any email documents that a customer has been sent previously. This option is useful if a customer had a spam filter that previously blocked the initial document that was sent; admin users will be able to send a new copy over to a contact by clicking the Resend Email button. See the image below.

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