Manage Forms

The Forms section allows you to view some form results that a customer has filled out on your website. The only results that will display will be the question results with contact information that is tied to the customer. This information will be updated in the General tab of a customer's profile. For more information on working with forms and how to customize forms, please visit our Form Builder documentation.

Add/Edit Form

To add a new form, click on the Add an Form button, or to edit existing form information, click on the Edit button. This will let you create or edit form results. You can also delete form information by clicking the Remove button. The example below shows a view when adding form results.

Below is a list of the properties that editable/viewable for a customer's form tools:

Form* When adding form results to a contact, you will need to first select a form. This will only show if you are adding a new form. If you are editing existing results this field will not show

Below the form field, it will show any questions from the form. Only questions you've added beyond the contact information will show (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Company, etc. won't show even if you ask for it on the form. Only the additional custom questions that you add will show).

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