Manage Credit Cards

The Credit Cards section stores encrypted credit card information that is saved to a contact's record. A contact can retain multiple credit cards on file. Cards will automatically be stored for club members when they signup for a Club Membership, and can be added in for general customers by an admin user. If a customer has username and password information to log onto the website, the customer will be able to save a card on file via their member pages (for more information, please visit the Member's Area Credit Card documentation.


Add/Edit a Credit Card

1. Go to Contacts > open a specific contact > Manage Credit Cards.

2. Click [+] Add Credit Card.

3. Enter the Card Number and Expiry Date information. The credit card type will be assigned automatically based on the card number that was entered.

Card Number* Enter the credit card number. This needs to be a valid card number.
Expiry Date* Enter the expiry month and year. You are not able to enter a card that has already expired through this tool.
Name On Card Enter the full name that appears on the credit card.
Primary Card

The primary card that will be selected when a customer places an order.

Update club membership(s) with this address? By checking off one of the clubs, it will update the credit card for that club. This will only show if the contact is a club member. If this is not checked off, this new credit card, or edit to an existing credit card, will not affect the credit card on the contact's club membership(s).

5. Click Save.

To use the Edit button on a saved credit card to edit and update the details for that card or choose to delete the card.

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