Here you can learn about managing the general section of your Product.

General Information: Most of the basic information your product needs to appear online can be done here on one step. Learn More >

Bundle: If you are using a Bundle you will see the unique options available for this Product type. Learn More >

Teaser: Provide a short description of your product to catch your consumers attention. Learn More >

Description: Provide a longer description of your product to explain more about it and get your customer hooked. Learn More >

Categories: Control the pages, Product Groups and POS Categories your product appears on. Learn More >

Marketing: Customize the friendly (short) URL of your product along with Meta Data. Learn More >

Delete: Need to remove your product? Learn More >

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about the 'Manage General' area. Learn More >

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General Information

This section allows you to add alot of information about your product in one place so that you can easily and quickly get your product online.

Below are some definitions of the above fields.

Product Type Choose from the list of Product Types to control what kind of Product you will create.
  • Wine
  • Wine Product
  • Product Bundle
  • Event Ticket
  • Gift Card
  • Spirit
*Product Name The name of your Product. This is a mandatory field and should be less than 50 characters. 
Sub Title Use this as an additional title for your product on your website.
POS Title This is used on the Vin65 POS when you need a shorter name to recognize your product.
Shipping Strategy This is normally set to "Use Default" but can be changed to use a different Shipping Strategy.
*Bottle Size Put your bottle size in this field. This is a mandatory field. You will need to have bottle sizes added. Learn More >
Photo Upload a photo in JPG or PNG format from your computer that follows the recommended pixel width and height.
*Product SKU This will be the SKU of your product. The Best practice is to keep it as SKU as possible.
Product Brand This should be the brand of your product. You can add many brands to Vin65. Learn More >
Unit Description Tell us the descriptuon of your unit. This could be a "Balcony Seat" for an Event Ticket or a "Bottle" for a standard wine.
Weight Say the weight in lbs here. Just use a singular number such as "3", don't type in the "lbs" part.
Retail Price This should be the standard price that you are charging your customers.
Sale Price This is the sale price of your product. If left blank the Retail Price will be the authority. Once you put a dollar amount here this will be the displayed price.
Bottles In Case If left blank, this field will have no effect on your website. If you put a number in here such as "12" then you can have a "Buy Case" button display automatically on your website. 
Alcohol % Say the percentage of alcohol on the product.
Region Name the region that the grapes come from. You can create multiple regions. Learn More >
Appellation Name the appellation that the wine comes from. You can create multiple appellations. Learn More >
Wine Type Put the wine type here. Your wine type would be Red, White, etc. You can create multiple types. Learn More >
Varietal Put your varietal here. You can add more varietals in Vin65. Learn More >
Vintage The vintage of your product. You can set whatever year your Vintage is.  There is also an option for "Non-vintage". 

On your website the default term displayed will be ‘Non-Vintage,’ but you can use the Resource Bundle to change it to any other term, for example, ‘NV.’

Is Active? Check this box so that your product is sellable in the Admin Panel.
Display on Website? Check this box so that your product is able to be bought from your Website.
Bypass Compliance/Fulfillment

If you are using an integrated Compliance (WineDirect Compliance or ShipCompliant) and/or an integrated fulfillment provider with a direct integration (WineDirect Fulfillment or Copper Peak Logistics) you can mark SKUs that you fulfill in house so that they are not sent to compliance and fulfillment with this settings.

SKUs will be recorded in the order in Vin65 and will be sold but the SKU information will not be passed into your compliance and fulfillment software.

Once a product with a Bypass Compliance/Fulfillment setting has been purchased it will always be excluded from webservices on the order. You would have to remove bypass setting on the product, refund the order, and place a new order with the SKU in it's non-bypassed state to send it to compliance and fulfillment.

WD Fulfillment

Allows you to control how the product will be sent over to WineDirect. (Only appears for if your Vin65 account is integrated with WineDirect fulfillment).

  • Send to Fulfillment Normally: If selected, this will control how the SKU will be sent to WineDirect. This function will slightly vary between bundles and non-bundle SKUs.
    • Wines, Products, etc (non-bundles): The SKU will be sent over as a normal SKU.
    • Bundles: The bundle SKU will not be sent over to fulfillment, only the subSKUs that make up the bundle, so that WineDirect knows which wines to pack for the order. This would be used for bundles that are not prepackaged at WineDirect.
  • Send to Fulfillment/Compliance as Parent SKU: If selected, the bundle SKU only will be passed to WineDirect fulfillment, not the individual products that make up the bundle. This allows you to still deplete the individual wine inventory in Vin65 while selling prepackaged GSETS* at WineDirect. (Only appears on Product Bundle/Set product types).
  • Send to Fulfillment as SPCL**: Allows you to send non-bundle products to WineDirect with an SPCL note in the Order Notes so that the order is held in WineDirect fulfillment and let's the fulfillment team know that there is action needed for this SKU such as custom packaging.

*GSETs are prepackaged bundles that are picked, packed, and stored at WineDirect fulfillment.

** SPCL is used by WineDirect for orders needing special fulfillment attention such as holiday orders, special packaging, etc.

*Required Fields

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The Bundle section appears if you are making a Product Bundle/Set in Vin65. It allows you to add the subSKUs that should belong within the Bundle SKU itself.

1. Click Add Product to Bundle [+].

2. Search for the Product you want to be in the Bundle.

3. Choose a quantity number  beside each SKU you want to make part of the bundle.

4. Save Changes.

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The teaser is a brief sentence or two to pique the interest of your customer. 

Edit your teaser:

1. Click Edit > Now add your content.

2. When finished press Save.

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The description is a section for you to add more information. You can explain as much about the wine as you want in this area. You are able to include images and you can treat this section like the Content Editor toolbar.

To edit your Description::

1. Click Edit > Now add your content.

2. When finished press Save.



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Add which pages and sections you want your products to appear. 

To edit your Categories:

1. Click Edit > Check the boxes for the pages you want your product to appear on.

2. Press Save.

For info on creating Categories, please click the category type you'd like to create/edit:

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Here you can customize the Marketing URL for your customers to access. You can also download the QR code for printing on bottles and edit the Meta Tag data.

To edit your Marketing section:

1. Click Edit > make the changes you desire in the Marketing URL field, Meta Tag Title and Meta Tag Description.

2. Press Save.


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You can delete your product at the bottom of the page by pressing the Delete button, but be careful! Once it is deleted you cannot get it back.

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Return to List

This button allows you to return to the list of your products.

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  1. Why is my product not displaying on the website?

Why is my product not displaying on the website?

If your product is not displaying on the website, there are a few things to check:

  1. Is Active should be Yes
  2. Display On Website should be Yes
  3. The product must be assigned to a website category
  4. The product may be set to be allocated under 'Manage Properties' or have Product Security set.

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