Clicking on “Store” at the top of your admin panel will launch the Store section. You’ll use the Store section to manage the following:

List of Store Tools

Orders: Learn about placing and managing orders. Learn More >

Products: Setup and manage different types of Products. Learn More >

Inventory: Manage your inventory for your Products. Learn More >

State Profile: Setup the Tax rates for your various States or Provinces. Learn More >

Shipping: Arrange the Shipping rates for your Orders. Learn More >

Price Levels: Setup unique Pricing based on a special group of people. Learn More >

Clubs: Create, manage and charge your Club Members. Learn More >

Allocations: Build, manage and control your Allocations for every new release. Learn More >

Gift Cards: Structure your Gift Cards for sale on your website and tasting room. Learn More >

Promo Builder: Create and manage your various promotions and sales. Learn More >

Searches: See who is searching for what on your website. Learn More >

Social Media Options: Options for managing Social Media in your store. Learn More >

Product Importer: Use the Product Importer to import your Products into Vin65. Learn More >

Sort: Learn how to Sort your Orders. Learn More >

Search: Search among your Orders in Vin65. Learn More >

Add an Order: Learn how to add an Order. Learn More >

FAQ: Looking for Frequently Asked Questions about the Store? Learn More >

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The entry level screen for the Store Editor shows a list of orders, with a record count displaying in the lower left hand corner. If you look to the left hand side of this screen, you’ll see the date range field pertaining to this list. The date range defaults to the most current week, but you can always change it. The following information about your orders is displayed on this screen: 

Order Number The number of the order.
Order Date The date of the order.
Order Status

The status of the order such as:

  • Completed
  • Submitted
Order Total The total amount of the order.
Shipping Status or Tracking Information

The shipping status of the order such as:

  • Shipped
  • Picked up
  • No Shipping Required
Payment Status

The payment status of the order such as:

  • Paid
  • Authorized
Billing Name and Shipping Name The last name of the customer.

In the upper right hand corner, you can sort this list by: Order Number (displays most recent order at the top), Order Date, Order Status, Last Name (Billing), Payment Status, or Total.

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This section will allow you to search for orders by:

Order Type

The type of the order such as:

  • POS
  • AdminPanel
  • Website
  • ClubOrder
Order Number The reference number of the order.
First Name (Billing Address or Shipping Address) The first name of the customer.
Last Name (Billing Address or Shipping Address) The last name of the customer.
Order Date Range The date range of the order.
Order Status

The status of the order such as:

  • Completed
  • Hold
  • Cancelled
Payment Status

The status of the payment such as:

  • Pending
  • Paid
  • Authorized

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Add an Order

Here you will learn how to add an order and the information you will find on each tab of the order including the Bill Customer Tab, Ship Customer tab, Items tab, Shipping tab, Payment tab, and the Review tab.

  1. Click on the green Add An Order button.

Bill Customer Tab

1.  Search For An Existing Member or Add A New Member.

2.  In the Notes section, added notes suitable for the order.

3.  In the Order Type dropdown field, select the appropriate choice. Usually it is defaulted to AdminPanel if you are working in the backend.

4.  Select OnSite (in person) or Offsite for your Sale Type.

5.  Select a Sales Associate in the dropdown menu and click Next.

Ship Customer Tab

1. In the Shipping dropdown menu select:  Billing Address, New Shipping Address, Pick Up, etc.

   (Please note:  your shipping is usually defaulted to Billing Address in the AdminPanel.)

2. Click Next.

Item Tab

1. Click on the Click To Add An Item(s) To This Order [+] button to add products.

2. Enter the SKU of the product and hit Search.

3. In the Qty (Quantity) column, select how many to add to the order and click Submit and Save.

4. In the Promo & Coupons section, click on the Click To Add A Coupon To This Order [+] button.

5. Enter the promo coupon code and click Save.

Shipping Tab

1. Your Shipping is usually set at the default.

2. In the Set Shipping Total To  you can set it to a flat rate.

3. Ship Date (future) field allows you to select a date for future shipment.

4. Delivery Date field allows you to select a date to be delivered by.

Payment Tab

1. In the Payment By drop down menu, select the method of payment:  Credit Card, Check, Cash or On Account.

2. If you select Credit Card and there is a credit card on file, it will default to that.

3. If you need to add a new credit card, click the drop down in Credit Card and select Create A New Credit Card On File     For Customer.

4. Click Next.

Please Note:

If you would like to use Gift Card as tender type, just enter the gift card code in the gift card field and select Next.

Review Tab

1. By default the Send Order Confirmation Email To Customer and Send Order Notification Email To Admin are     checked.  You can uncheck those as you see fit.

2. Review your order to see Order Date, Payment, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Item Description, Price,     Quantity, Total, Shipping & Handling, Taxes are correct.

3. If you double check and review that all information is correct, you can go ahead and click on the green check mark     Process Order button.

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