Managing Orders

Review the following links to learn more about information shown in the order window:

General Tab: The overview of the order. Includes basic information on the billing, shipping, payment, cost, and other order details. Learn More >

Payment Tab: Payment information regarding the order. Learn More >

Quarantine (Compliance) Tab: The compliance status and message is shown based on your compliance firm used. Learn More >

Shipments Tab: Edit shipping statuses, input tracking numbers, reroute an order, and more. Learn More >

Email Tab: Resend order and tracking information to the customer. Learn More > 

Status Tab: Cancel the order to refund payment and return inventory. Learn More >

Notes Tab: Add internal notes and flags. Learn More >

Task Tab: Assign order based tasks to your admin users for completion. Learn More >

History Tab: View a list of changes made to the order by specified admin users. Learn More >

Order Actions: Learn how to use the tools in the Actions drop down menu. Learn More >

Manage Order Through Customer Profile

1. Navigate to Contacts > Contacts.

2. Search for the customer using the Search Customer tool in the left hand panel and click Search.

3. Click on the selected customer and navigate to the Store tab of the customer profile. 

4. Click on the magnifying glass to view the desired order.

Manage Order Through Store Order

1. Navigate to Store > Orders.

2. Search for the order using the Search Order tool in the white left hand panel and click Search.

3. Click on your order.

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