Order Shipments

The order shipping tab allows you to review and adding tracking numbers to an order. If the order is being shipped in multiple shipments both tracking numbers can be added to the order, each as a different shipment. You will find the Shipments tab on an order that has been successfully placed.

List of Shipping Statuses: Learn more about each of the shipping statuses Shipped, Picked up, Sent To Fulfillment, Handled Externally, and No Shipping Required. Learn More >

Tracking Numbers: Learn about the three methods of adding tracking information Manually, via Import, or Automatic Webservices. Learn More >

Order Package Tracking: Learn how you and your customers can track packages. Learn More >

Rerouting An Order: Learn how customers can delay delivery or reroute a package to a new address while in transit with UPS. Learn More > 

List of Shipping Statuses

Picked Up

Order has been picked up. When selected the Pickup Date and Picked Up By fields will appear.

  • Pickup Date - The date the order was picked up. *Required
  • Picked Up By - The name of the customer who picked the order up.
Sent To Fulfillment

Order has been sent to fulfillment. An intermediate shipment status used between an order being placed and when it has shipped when using an integrated fulfillment provider. When selected the Sent Date field will appear.

  • Sent Date - The date the order was sent/received by fulfillment. If you are using an integrated fulfillment house you can leave this date blank and it will automatically populate when the order was marked as Sent to Fulfillment. 

Order has been shipped.  When selected, the Ship Date, Tracking Number and Carrier field will appear. 

  • ShipDate - The date the order was shipped.
  • Tracking Number - The first tracking number used order. Orders with multiple tracking numbers will use the Add A Shipment [+] option after the first tracking number has been entered. See the Multiple Tracking Numbers section. 
  • Carrier - The shipping carrier used to fulfill the order. 
    • UPS
    • FedEx
    • GSO
    • CanadaPost
    • Other
Handled Externally Order was handled externally outside the Vin65 platform. In general use this will be assigned to orders that are pushed into your Vin65 account from and outside POS or other integrated system. 
No Shipping Required Order does not require shipping. In general use this will be assigned to partial refund orders. 
Pending Carrier Pickup Shipping labels for the order have been generated and are awaiting to be updated with a tracking number. Depending on your setup, the tracking number may automatically pull in if you are using an integrated system. Once the tracking number is added, the shipping status will change to Shipped.

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Tracking Numbers

Ship orders within your admin panel can receive tracking numbers in 3 various methods:

Manually: Using the Shipments tab on a successful order mark an order as shipped and enter one or more tracking number. Learn More >

Import: Import order tracking numbers in a mass batch using the Order Tracking Importer excel import tool. Learn More > 

Automatic Webservice: Tracking numbers will be pulled/pushed automatically back into Vin65 from integrated fulfillment providers (WineDirect, Copper Peak Logistics, Amedeo, ShipCompliant (while not a fulfillment provider ShipCompliant provides links to a number of fulfillment companies). Learn More >

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Adding Tracking Numbers Manually

One or more tracking numbers can manually be added to an individual order using the steps below: 

1. Navigate to Store > Orders > Find and Select the order that you want to ship Shipment Tab.

2. From the Shipping Status drop down select Shipped.

3. Enter the Ship Date. Click here to learn more about Future Ship Dates.

4. Enter the Tracking Number.

5. Select the Carrier. [Mandatory if a tracking number is entered. Select other if the carrier used is not available]

6. Click Process. If you have only one tracking number your steps are completed. If you have additional tracking numbers carry on with step 7.

7. To add an additional tracking number click on Add A Shipment [+].

8. Enter the Tracking Number, Carrier, and Ship Date like before and click Save.

9. All additional tracking numbers will be listed above the original tracking number in the order they were entered. 

10. If you would like an Order Tracking Email to be sent out then you will need to select 'Resend Order Tracking Info Email to Customer' from the 'Email' tab of the order window. Order tracking emails are not sent out automatically if the tracking information is being added manually.

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Automatic Tracking Numbers

Select fulfillment houses have the ability to send tracking information back to your orders automatically through webservices. Fulfillment carriers such as WineDirect, Copper Peak Logistics, Amedeo, and carriers using ShipCompliant as an interface between Vin65 and their system will be able to automatically sync tracking numbers back with Vin65.

How It Works

  • A check for new tracking numbers will occur every 4 hours per order. 
  • Tracking checks can be viewed from the Fulfillment Tab of an order. Manual checks can also be triggered from this tab.
  • When the tracking information is found the information is either pulled/pushed into Vin65 depending on the integration. 
  • Once the tracking number has reached Vin65 an Order Tracking Email will be sent automatically to the customer notifying them that their order has shipped and provide them with tracking information.

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Order Package Tracking

The shipment status feature allows both the winery and the customer to keep up to date with the progress of each shipment when shipping with UPS and other select carriers. Once the tracking number has been added to the order there will be regular checks with the carrier to find the status. 

Administrator (Winery View)

From the Shipments tab admins will be able to review the the status of the package by clicking the magnifying glass icon. The window will expand to display each of the stages of shipping the package, from the order being received to when it is delivered.

Customer View (Website)

A customer will be able to track the progress of their package from the start of shipping when the package information is received by the carrier to the package being delivered to the customer. A customer will be able to access the tracking page using the automatic tracking email that is sent once the tracking number is placed on the order. 

By clicking the Track Order button in the email document the customer will be taken to a page on your website where they will be able to see the delivery life-cycle of the package from the point the carrier receives the order information to when it reaches their door. Logging into your website will allow the customer to view the order details which would be the same as the details in their order confirmation email.

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Rerouting An Order

Delivering wine requires a signature from a person of the legal drinking age. What does a customer do if the package is going to be delivered when they are not home? Using the Order Rerouting option customers can change the delivery location right from the website, enabling them to send the package to a location where someone of legal drinking age can receive the package (i.e. switch from shipping to home address to work address).

Administrator (Winery View)

As an administrator you will be able view and reroute packages should the need arise. Use the following steps to reroute a package using the admin panel: 

1. Navigate to Store > Orders > Find and select the order you want to reroute > Shipment Tab. 

2. On the line listing the tracking number click the Truck icon. 

3. Click the green [+] icon along the delivery status line. 

4. From the popup window enter the new delivery address and click Save. 

5. The information will be sent back to WineDirect and along to UPS to switch the delivery address for the shipment. 

Customer View (Website)

1. Customers will be required to login before they will be able to view the full details of their order and will be able to delay or reroute the delivery to a new address by clicking the Change Delivery Location button. 

2. Clicking the Change Delivery Location button the customer will be able to change the address that the package is being delivered. For example if the package was currently scheduled to be delivered to the customer's home address they could reroute the package to their workplace so that they would be able to receive the package. After entering the address the customer will click the Submit button to update WineDirect and UPS of new delivery address. 

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