Quarantine ("Compliance" Tab)

A non-compliant order will complete the payment process you have set up with your payment gateway, either Authorize (if you get payment when you ship) or Capture (if you take the money before shipping the product).

Vin65 calls non-compliant orders ‘Quarantined’ orders. An order can be quarantined for many reasons. If this happens, the website administrator will receive an email every time a Quarantined order comes into your system.

Access Quarantine Orders: Learn how to access a listing of quarantine orders. Learn More >

Fix Quarantine Orders: Learn how to fix a quarantine order. Learn More >

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about quarantined orders. Learn More > 

Access Quarantine Orders

You can access these orders through your Vin65 Order area: Store > Orders > Status > Quarantine. On the Dashboard of the Admin Panel, you will also be able to see all Quarantined orders in the Alerts section.  

Type This will show the type of check that was completed (check, force, etc.)
Date This will show the time and date the check was done.
Success Yes=Passed the compliance check or No=Failed the compliance check.
Message The ‘Compliance’ tab within an order will show the message that comes directly from WineDirect Compliance, or ShipCompliant. Click on the 'Message' text beside the magnifying glass to show the message (see image below). This message explains why the order did not pass the compliance check. If you need assistance deciphering what the message means you may need to contact your compliance company.

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How To Fix Quarantine Order

1. To rectify the order there is an Edit Order button so that you can change the billing or shipping information and products for the order.

2. Once you’re rectified the compliance ‘error,’ you can then chose the appropriate Compliance Status action in the drop down menu, then hit Process.  The options are listed below:

Retry Compliance (and Submit Order) This will check the order once again for compliance.
Force Compliance (and Submit Order) This will force the order through ShipCompliant if you want to processes regardless of the compliance issue.
Void Compliance This will void the compliance check if you are canceling the payment.
Retry Compliance - Ignore Address Errors (and Submit Order) This will check the order once again for compliance and ignore address issues.
Ignore Compliance Submit and Complete Order This will ignore all compliance issues and submit and complete orders. This will not send the order through to Compliance. 

POS Quarantine Flag

Admin Panel Quarantine Flag

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Quarantined Order FAQs

  1. How can I push through a batch of quarantined orders?
  2. Why was my order quarantined?

How can I push through a batch of quarantined orders?

If you you have multiple orders that you need to retry compliance on and push through to ShipCompliant, you can use the Retry Compliance option found under Order Actions

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Why was my order quarantined?

There are a number of reasons an order could be quarantined. Some common examples would be an incorrect address, missing license for the region, or a product that has not been set up in ShipCompliant. To find out the exact reason you will want to access the quarantined order and view the 'message'.

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