Order Task

The order task section, allows you to create task for your admin users to follow up on a customer's order.

Add a Task: Learn how to add an order based task for completion. Learn More >

View a Task: Learn how to view and complete an order based task. Learn More >

Add A Task

1. Click on the green [+] Add A Task button.

2. Fill out the form and assign the task to the appropriate admin panel user and click Save

3.  If you would like to send email notification, please check the box.

4.  Once a task is completed, simply click on the Is Complete box, so the system will not send email notification to the assignee.

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View a Task

1. In the admin panel, navigate to Dashboard > Tasks.

2. A full listing is viewable of all assigned tasks. Here you can edit and complete tasks as well. 

3. Use the Advanced search parameters to view more specified tasks. 

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