POS Orders

The POS system has been designed to be simple and intuitive to allow your tasting room staff the ability to easily place orders. Products and contacts will be drawn from the same database that your website uses. While each order may be different here are a few basic steps to placing an order on the POS system.

The video below will show you how to add an order while using the POS system.

Video Keypoints:

1. 00:25 How to add POS Categories.
2. 00:36 How to assign Product to POS Categories.
3. 00:45 Placing an Order on the Vin65 POS as "Guest".
4. 02:10 Placing an Order for an existing customer.
5. 02:50 Promos in a POS Order.
6. 03:20 Adding Shipping to a POS Order.
7. 04:30 Declined Credit Card Message.

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In this section you will learn about the following subjects:

1. Adding a Customer

2. Payment Methods

3. Manage Orders

4. Refund on POS

5. Hold and Resume an Order on POS

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Who Is The Customer?

Orders can be placed for both guests (anonymous checkouts) where you are not worried about collecting contact data or for customers who are already part of your contact database. The POS application is tied directly to your contact database, so can look up customers and club members so that promotional offers, discounts, and order history will all be tied to the correct contact record.

Guest Checkouts

For orders where you simply want to charge the customer for an order without collecting customer data then you can place a guest order (or anonymous) checkout. You are not required to enter any information for the customer. This is the standard order scenario for the POS, if you do not select a specific customer before proceeding to the payment screen then the order will be a guest checkout order.

During the checkout process you will be asked to enter an email address to send an email receipt to the customer, if you enter an email address a customer record with the email address will be created and the order placed into the order history for the contact. This will allow you to go in and flesh out a contact record later if you gather additional information from the client on a later occasion or through paper signup sheets.

If you choose not to enter an email address then an order will be saved, but no customer record will be created however the orders will clearly show that they were attributed to "Guest Customer".

To allow a guest checkout order to flow into integrated compliance and fulfillment systems a quest checkout will automatically attach the address of the winery to the order. The address used can be created through Pickup Locations and added to the POS application through the POS Profiles section.

New Customers

If you would like to create a new customer record before placing an order for the customer you can click the guest icon in the lower lefthand corner of to POS screen. This will bring up the 'Find Customer' window where you will be able to click the blue 'Add New Member' button to open the add member screen. Contact details can be entered manually, or you can swipe a customer's drivers license to try to collect the most information available.

Existing Customers/Club Members

If the customer is a returning visitor who already has a customer record in your database, or they hold a club membership, you will want to look them up and attach them to the order before processing.

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Payment Methods

After successfully selecting a customer (for repeat customers) and adding items to your cart it's time to have the customer pay for their order. The information below will cover entering or removing a method of payment.

Entering A Payment Method: Learn the different types of payment available on a POS order and how to enter them on an order. Learn More >

Removing A Payment Method: Learn how to remove a payment method if a customer chooses to switch payment methods or wishes to add additional items to their order. Learn More >

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Entering Payment Method

When processing an order on the Vin65 POS system you are able to capture payment in a number of methods, as well as split payments.

Below we'll discuss each of the available methods.

Pay With Cash

With this method all you need to do is enter in the amount tendered and received (this is the actual money received into your hand from the customer) and then you can give them the proper amount of cash back.

If you try to enter a sum of cash less than the amount due an onscreen error message "Cash Tendered cannot be less than the Amount Due" will prompt you to increase the cash tendered amount you are entering. 

Scan Credit Card with Camera

This feature allows you to actually scan the front of the card with your iPad's camera. This allows you to process the card when it recognizes the card number and expiry date.

For security and fraud prevention purposes, the images do not connect to the internet and the images do not get saved on the iPad or on the customer record. If you are not able to access this option please make sure that your Vin65 POS app is updated on the App Store.

Enter Credit Card Manually

This payment method allows you to type in the credit card number, the expiry month, year and the CVV2 number.

Use Gift Card

When you use a Gift Card on a purchase any amount on the Gift Card gets applied to the existing order total. If the total of the Gift Card exceeds the total of the purchase, then the customer pays nothing else out of pocket and they can use the rest of the total amount of money on the Gift Card on a future purchase.

For more information please check out our Gift Card Documentation.

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Removing A Payment Method

Are you at the point of the transaction where you've run in the customer's payment method(s) and then ask to switch a credit card? Or are your entering the payment in and the customer asks to add or remove items from the order? It's not too late! The information below will cover how to remove a payment method from and order, allowing you to make changes to the order.

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Credit Card Payments

If you have swiped, scanned, or manually entered the customer's credit information for the order it is not too late to go back and make alterations to the order. Using the Back and Cancel buttons you can navigate back to the main payment screen, allowing you to either change the payment method or use the Cancel button on the payment screen to go back to the POS page to add or remove items from the order.

1. Depending on how far along you are in the payment process click Back until you see the Cancel.

2. Clicking the cancel button on the Tips screen will trigger a Void on the credit card transaction and return you to the payment screen.

3. From the payments screen, you can now choose a different method of payment or click Cancel once more to jump back to the POS main screen to add or remove items from the order.

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Non-Credit Card Payments (Cash, Gift Card, etc)

When placing a split tender order you have the option to remove a payment method in between adding each of the various tenders.

1. Once a tender has been added sucessfully you can click the Remove button to remove it from the order and allow you to enter an alternative form of payment.

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Manage Orders on POS

Learn how to manager your Orders in the Order Manager of the Vin65 mobile POS app. Below are tips and tricks on how to Manage your orders, Process Refunds.

1. Choose Order Manager.

2. Now in the Order Manager you can choose any order to perform an action. 

Once you press on the row of your order number you wish to perform an action on, the Actions button will appear.

If you click on the check boxes you are also able to select multiple orders at once. When you do this the Actions button will appear. You are only to select as many orders appear on one POS screen page at a time.

Selecting the Actions button will give you options to mark the orders as picked up or unmark them as picked up.

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Refund on POS

To process a refund on the POS you can follow the below steps.

1. Open the POS application.

2. From the main menu (3 bar icon in he upper left of the screen) select Order Manager. 

3. From the order list, select the order you wish to refund. 

4. Click  Refund Items button.

5. You will now arrive on the Refund Items screen where you can choose to refund the entire order or a portion of it. (Please note: An order can only have one refund placed against it).

By default all items, shipping, tips, handling, etc will be added to the refund allowing you to easily place a full refund order. You can also choose to edit the quantity and prices of individual items by clicking the Refund/Return buttons next to an item, which will bring up a popup item menu. 

Refund Use refund to only give money/funds back to the customer. (Product inventory NOT returned)
Return ill give money back to the customer and will return inventory to the pool that was originally used on the order. 

You are able to choose how much to refund on each product and on the handling and shipping charges if any apply. The taxes will automatically be calculated for each refund.

6. Once you are ready to process the refund simply press the green Refund button.

7. Here you will see the refund payments screen. Click Refund next to each of the tender and click process on the popup window. 

Once the refund amount reaches ($0.00), meaning that the funds that are to be returned and the amount you are choosing to refund to payment method match, the Process Refund button will turn blue. 

8. Click Process Refund to complete the refund process. 

This will create a new order number in Vin65 and will appear as a refunded order. This process is very much the same as the Vin65 Admin Panel Partial Refund tool.

Hold/Resume An Order On POS

To place an order on hold on the POS, follow the steps:

1. Select the POS menu button on the top left corner.

2. Click Hold Order from the menu listing.

3. In the Hold Order pop-up window, input a Hold Nickname, or additionally an Email Address.

4. Click Apply to put the order on hold.

To resume an order on hold on the POS, follow the steps:

1. Select the POS menu button on the top left corner.

2. Click Resume an Order from the menu listing. 

3. From the Resume Order pop-up window, select an order from either Your Held Orders, which is based off of the Sales Associate who is logged in, or All Held Orders for a complete listing, by clicking Resume next to the order.

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