POS Profiles

POS profiles are not admin logins but rather allow you to manage the inventory and shipping settings for each of your tasting room locations. If you have multiple tasting room locations you can adjust a profile to pull inventory from a specific tasting room inventory pool so that inventory will be depleted appropriately for each location.

Creating A POS Profile: Learn how to setup a POS profile so you can login and use the POS application. Learn More >

Assigning POS Categories: Learn how to assign POS Categories to your profile to have different POS product menus for different tasting room locations. Learn More > 

Assigning A POS Profile to A Device: Learn how to assign a POS profile to a device or workstation. Learn More >

FAQs: Review frequently asked questions regarding POS profiles. Learn More >

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Creating A POS Profile

When the POS option is enabled for you a default POS profile will automatically be created for you using your default inventory and pickup location. You want to use the following steps to create or edit a POS profile:

1. Start by navigating to Settings > POS Profile in the Vin65 admin panel.

2. Click Add POS Profile from the left hand menu.


3. Fill out the POS Profile form.  For further clarification regarding each field, please see the Field Definitions table below.

4. Click Save to save your profile.

Now that you have the basic POS profile setup you will want to make sure to create and assign POS Categories to your profile. Continue to the Assigning POS Categories documentation below to learn how.

Field Definitions

Name The name of your POS profile. It would be best to use the name of the tasting room location that this POS profile will be used at.
Order The order in which the POS Profiles will appear within the admin panel.
Pickup Inventory Pool This allows you to specify which inventory pool you would like to use for Pickup orders through your POS. Orders through the POS system by default are pickup orders unless the order is marked as a shipping order and a shipping address is included in the order. Because your orders are pickup by default the ‘Pickup Inventory Pool’ will be the primary inventory pool used by the POS platform, meaning that it will pull inventory from this pool for all orders except those which are being shipped. This allows you to maintain separate inventory pools for your website & POS application.
Ship Inventory Pool This allows you to specify which inventory pool you would like orders that are being shipped to pull from. If you are using a fulfillment house it would be best to make sure this inventory pool you select is the same pool that your fulfillment house is using for you website.
Pickup Location Allows you to specify which pickup location address will be used for orders on the POS. This should be set to the tasting room location that the POS application will be used at.

For more information on setting up pickup locations please see the Pickup Locations Documentation.

Order Type

Allows you to choose the order type that you would like your POS orders to be marked as. By default an order type of 'POS' will be used on all orders that originate from the POS system.

For more information on order types please see the Order Types Documentation.

Sale Type Onsite orders or Offsite orders.
Compliance Default Settings, Ship Orders Only, or All Orders.
Order Status

Allows you to adjust the order status attached to orders placed through the POS.

  • Completed - Will mark the orders as a Completed order and capture payment right up front (Paid). 
  • Submitted - Will mark the orders as Submitted and will put an Authorization for funds on the order. The Authorization can be captured automatically when the order ships or manually by completing the order through the admin panel.
Pickup Orders

Allow setup POS pickup orders so that they are automatically marked as picked up when they are placed on the POS application.

  • Don't Mark Orders As Picked Up *Default*
  • Auto Mark Orders As Picked Up

Please Note: Orders being shipped will not have a shipping status assigned to them automatically.

Order Confirmation Email

Allows you to setup a alternate order confirmation email for all POS orders. By default the standard Order Confirmation system email is sent out for all orders placed through the Website, Mobile Site, Facebook, Admin Panel, or POS. 

Please Note: Your alternate email must be created under the System Emails category under the Contacts > Email Documents section of the admin panel for it to be visible in the drop down menu.

Has Credit Card Signatures?

Check this box if you wish to require customer's to sign for orders paid for with a credit card.

Forced Additional Order Info? Check box if you wish to have the Additional Order Info screen appear during order process.
Notification Type Select All Notifications or Only Notifications Around The Winery.
Receipt Header Image Upload an image in JPEG format that is a max of 576 px wide for your receipt header.
Receipt Footer Image Upload an image in JPEG format that is a max of 576 px wide for your receipt footer.
Has Social Notifications

Allows you to view any social notifications that customers have mentioned about your winery.


  • All Notifications: POS device will receive all notifications that are made about your winery
  • Only Notifications Around: would set the Latitude and Longitude for your winery (find it here on Google maps) and the system would only pickup notifications within that area.
    • Radius: How many miles you want the system to detect these notifications.
Has Tips/Gratuities Allows the use of customers being able to select Tips/Gratuities to their Order. Also enables reporting on the tips within an order for Store section and Sales reports. If you have multiple POS profiles you will need to enable this on each profile.
Has Table Seating Enable table seating and other Restaurant Tools in the POS.

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Assigning POS Categories

The POS Categories section allows you to have custom category menus per POS Profile so that different tasting rooms or special profiles can have different product lists. 

1 . From the POS Profile screen select the POS Profile you want to assign categories to.

2. Click Edit under the Categories section.

3. If you have not created any POS Categories click Add New to create a new POS Category. (You can also create and manage your POS Categories from Store > Products > POS Categories).

4. Check the boxes next to the POS Categories that you want to assign to your POS Profile (i.e. tasting room location).

5. Click Save.

From the Arrange POS Categories section You can adjust the display order of the categories on the POS drop down. 

Just select the POS Profile you are working with from the drop down and drag and drop the categories into the display order you want. 

Assigning A POS Profile to A Device

If you have more that one POS profile you can switch between profiles from Device Settings in the POS app menu. The once a POS profile has been assigned to a device it will remember the profile and use those POS profile settings for each admin that logs into that device. 

1. Start by clicking the Menu button on the top right in the POS.

2. Click Device Settings from the left-hand menu.

3. Use the drop down menu to select the POS profile that you'd like, then click Save.

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POS Profile FAQs

  1. Do I have to create a POS Profile?
  2. Can I have multiple POS Profiles?
  3. Can the credit card signature option be used on iOS and desktop POS?
  4. Can I have different product listings for different devices?

Do I have to create a POS Profile?

Yes. Before you can successfully log into the POS application you must create a POS profile. If you try to login to the POS before at least one POS profile has been created you will receive an "Invalid POS Profile" message when trying to login.

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Can I have multiple POS Profiles?

Yes. Only one POS profile is required to use the POS application, however you can create multiple POS profiles to have easy access to different sets of settings. 

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Can the credit card signature option be used on iOS and desktop POS?

Yes. The credit card signature option is supported by both the iOS and Desktop (Chrome browser) versions of POS. Collecting signatures on the desktop will require a touchscreen monitor that can be turned to the customer, allowing them to sign for credit card transactions.

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Can I have different product listings for different devices?

Yes. Products are assigned to POS Categories, and different POS Profiles can have different sets of categories. This means that the Home category for one tasting room can have different products listed on screen as long as each tasting room has a different POS profile setup. 

You will need to create POS Categories, assign the POS Categories to a POS profile, then assign products to the categories.

When naming your categories you will want to make sure that they are unique. So if you want to have two Home menu items for a location in Napa and one in Vancouver, call one N - Home and V - Home, as an example. 

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