Editing V1 Email Documents

This is where you will create and save emails that you would like to send to customers, club members, vendors, etc. The emails are formatted to reflect your website design and can be edited to include images, hyperlinks, and tables in the same fashion as your general pages in the site editor. Either type directly in the dialog box, or cut and paste from a standard word processing package such as Microsoft Word. Once finished, you will save your document and move on to the next step – sending a mass email. 

Please watch the below video, or read the following text that covers the email features in Vin65.

System Emails: Automatic emails that are sent when a specific action occurs. Learn More >

Auto-Populated Data: Auto-Populated information based on your contacts. Learn More >

Copy An Email: Learn to copy an email document to make a new one. Learn More >

Video Keypoints:

  1. 00:20 Sorting your Email Documents
  2. 01:20 Managing and Adding Email Categories
  3. 03:10 Making an Email Category a Component and adding it to your website
  4. 04:20 Adding an HTML version of your email as a link
  5. 05:50 How to add a new Email Document
  6. 07:10 Editing an Email Document
  7. 08:25 Adding a PDF to your Email Document as a link
  8. 08:45 Adding PDF to your online server
  9. 12:00 Managing and Adding Auto Populated Tags
  10. 15:35 Email management tips
  11. 18:05 Viewing emails on a Customer Record
  12. 19:30 Additional tips

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Copy A V1 Email

To Copy An Individual Email:

1. Open up the Email Document that you’d like to copy.

2. Click the Source button to view the HTML code for that email.

3. Highlight all of the HTML (Select All or Control + A) then copy (Control + C).

4. Close the email, then open up a new email document by clicking on Add An Email Document.

5. Click the Source button within the new email document.

6. Delete the existing HTML, then paste (Control + P) the HTML (from the email you wanted to copy) into the HTML field.

7. Save the email document by clicking on Apply Changes.

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