Automated Inventory Sync

Some select fulfillment providers* have the ability to sync the inventory count found at fulfillment with the inventory count for your SKUs within Vin65. The inventory sync will run once a day (WineDirect @ 7AM PST and Copper Peak Logiostics @ 10PM PST) and will compare inventory counts in Vin65 with those at fulfillment and make updates to match. 

Inventory Sync Email: Learn about the daily summary email that is sent automatically after earch sync. Learn More >

Selecting Which Pool to Sync: Learn how to set your default inventory pool to sync with fulfillment. Learn More >

Product "By Pass Inventory Sync": Learn how to exclude a product from syncing inventory with fulfillment. Learn More >

Inventory Sync Email

After the inventory counts are synced an sync summary email will be sent to winery administrators onlining what took place in the sync.

SKUs included in the email will be highlighted in a specific color explaining what happened in the sync. Below is a color key (which is also included in the email).

White No changes necessary.
Pink SKU exists on Vin65, has inventory, but is not found at fulfillment or out of stock at fulfillment. You should make necessary adjustments.
Orange Product is out of inventory at fulfillment. Vin65 is synced to zero inventory.
Yellow Inventory exists at both Vin65 and fulfillment but is out of sync. Vin65 has synced the inventory to match fulfillment.
Blue SKU exists at Vin65 and has inventory turned off (including deactivated products). SKU is not found at fulfillment.
Green SKU exists at fulfillment but does not exist on your website. You can add this SKU to Vin65.

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Selecting Which Pool to Sync

The inventory sync can only sync with one inventory pool or the default pool in Vin65 ecommerce. If you have inventory at multiple warehouses with your provider, the totals for each locations primary inventory pool will be combined into a single inventory pool count in Vin65 ecommerce. 

1. Navigate to Store > Inventory > Inventory Pools.

2. Select the inventory pool you want to edit. 

3. Set Default Pool to YES. 

4. Click Save

For additional information on adjusting your pools see the Inventory Pool Documentation

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Product "By Pass Inventory Sync"

Wines/Products that you do not keep at fullfilment and you do not want to sync inventory can be marked as By Pass Inventory Sync. 

1. Navigate to Store > Products and select the wine/product you want to edit. 

2. Under Product Properties select Manage SKUs.

3. Click the Edit button. 

4. Check ByPass Inventory Sync.

5. Click Save.

For additional information see the Mange SKUs Documentation.

 Q: Does ByPass Inventory Sync mean that my products will not be sent to fulfillment when ordered?

A: No. The By Pass Inventory Sync means that the inventory count at your fulfillment center will not sync with Vin65. If you want are not fulfilling the products with your fulfillment house you will use the Bypass Compliance/Fulfillment option found under the General Information section of the product. Learn More >

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