Webservice Accounts

Creating a webservice account is easy! Webservice accounts are designed for any other system that wishes to integrate with WineDirect. The following video and text support will assist you in setting one up.

Setup A Webservice Account: Learn how to setup a webservice account. Learn More >

Vendor Information: Learn about additional information on Vendors that may apply to you. Learn More >

Webservice Call Count: Learn about where you can find the number of calls a vendor is making to Vin65. Learn More >


Video Keypoints:

  1. 0:00 Introduction
  2. 0:10 Set up Webservice Account
  3. 0:42 Special Agreement Statement Details
  4. 1:20 How to choose a Vendor

How To Setup A Webservice Account

1. In the Admin Panel navigate to Settings > Users > Webservice Account > Add a Webservice Account

2. You must read and agree to the Terms Of Use in order to create the Webservice Account. Check I Agree if you do. Not checking I Agree will prevent the completion of the account setup.

4. Fill out the rest of the form, adding in First/Last Name, Email, Username & Password information. Next select an appropriate Vendor or choose Other. Mark the account as Active.

5. You’re done! Now either use the account, or contact the company that would like to use it and provide them the information they need (username and password).

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Additional Information On Vendors

If your winery is using Amedeo as the fulfillment service, please make sure to use Webservice Accounts and select Vendor as Other.

When you select Vendor: Other, the description field must be filled out.

To setup Amazon Marketplace orders, you would also be required to set up a webservice account for Amazon orders to flow into the Vin65 system.

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Webservice/API Call Count

You can see how many webservice calls a system is making to Vin65. It will calculate the total calls within the last 30 days (the 30 days are a rolling 30 days based on your billing date). Note that internal companies from WineDirect do not count towards your webservice limits.

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