Cancelling A Club Membership

Club memberships must be cancelled on the admin panel. Memberships cannot be cancelled by members on the frontend of the website.

Follow the steps to cancel a club membership:

1. In the Admin Panel navigate to Contacts and search for the club member.

2. Click on the contacts, and under the right hand Contact Properties menu, select Manage Club Memberships

3. Select the club from the club memberships list that you wish to cancel.

4. In the Cancel On field, fill in the date that you want the club membership to be cancelled on.

5. Select a Cancellation Reason from the drop down menu. Click here to learn more about cancellation reasons.

6. By checking the Retain Club Privileges box you can allow a cancelled member to retain club member pricing/discounts without the commitment of club shipments. This allows them access to club level pricing and promotions without being charged for a membership or club shipments.

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