Hold Confirmation Email

The hold confirmation email is automatically sent to a club member when their club membership is put on hold and informs the customer of their hold start and end date

1. To start, first access Contacts > Locate a Contact and click on them> Manage Club Memberships 

2. In the Club Membership section, click Edit and in the Hold Start field, input a date. A checkbox with Send Hold Confirmation Email will appear

3. If this is the first time sending the hold confirmation email and you click Save you will be presented with the following prompt:

4. At this point, you can click Save and the club member will be sent the default club hold confirmation email. If you wish to preview the content and styling of the email before sending it out, right click on the here button and click "Open Link in a New Window". Otherwise, if you click here you will have to click back on the browser and set the hold date all over again. Once here is clicked, you will view the email document:

As can be seen by the image, the email will inform the club member of the exact club they have been put on hold, as well as the Hold Start and End Date. Edits to the content and styling can made as needed.

5. After the initial setup of the hold confirmation email, any future club members put on hold will be automatically sent the email. The content and styling of the email can be modified anytime by clicking Contacts > Email Documents > Club Hold Confirmation