Retry Compliance

The Retry Compliance function allows you to retry compliance checks on multiple Quarantined orders. Non-compliant orders are called Quarantined orders. To learn more about compliance and quarantined orders, please read the Quarantine Orders documentation.

Retry Compliance: Learn how to retry compliance checks on quarantined orders. Learn More >

Retry Compliance

Follow the steps to retry compliance checks:

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Dashboard.

2. In the Alerts section, click "You have [number] quarantine order(s)" to view all of your current orders that have failed compliance.

3. You will be directed to the Store > Orders section where you will view only orders with the status of Quarantine.

4. Check one or more boxes in the order listing for the Actions drop down menu to appear.

5. Select Retry Compliance

6. In the Retry Compliance window, a listing of all the selected order numbers with their corresponding customer names will appear.

7. Click Apply Changes to continue.

8. After the status bar loads, click Close Window to exit.

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