How To Purchase An Allocated Wine/Product

Allocated wines are not purchased in the same manner as other wines in your store pages. They can be displayed with other wines in the store using the Display Product. Show Message option on the General section of the product (please click here for more info). Read the following text to learn how to purchase an allocated wine/product.

Allocations Page: Learn how to purchase wine through the allocations page. Learn More >

Admin Panel: Learn how to place orders on the admin panel for allocations. Learn More >

Allocations Page

To purchase a wine (whether they display in the store pages or not) a customer will have to login to the website. If a customer doesn’t have a login account, they will have to create one.

Once a customer has logged into the website they will have to navigate to the Allocation page in their member profile. This page will display all the allocations that a person is a part of. If a customer does not belong to any allocations they will simply see some red text on this page which reads “You currently have no wine allocations”.

Each wine allocation will display the following information (for more details, see click here):

Allocation Name Name of the Allocation. This will only display the public Allocation name (not the internal name).
End Date The last day that the Allocation can be purchased. Allocations will end at 11:59pm PST on the end date set.
Ship Date This is an optional field when setting up the Allocation. This date is simply there to give your customers an estimated ship date, this does not affect any features on the admin panel.
Product(s) in the Allocation This will display a smaller image than your store pages, as well as your teaser.
Minimum Order Qty This is the minimum a customer has to select per order.
Your Total Allocation This is the total numer of bottles allocated to the customer. This is the Maximum amount that a customer can purchase. 
Order Amount This is where a person will select the number of bottles that they wish to purchase in one order.This number automatically defaults to the default amount setup in the Admin Panel.
Request Amount This allows a customer to request additional bottles for thier allocation. These requests will populate on the Wish List tab of the allocations. Learn More about the Wish List. The customer must purchase at least one bottle in order to request additional bottles.

Adding Products to the Shopping Cart

To Purchase a wine a customer will need to type in how many bottles they wish to order then click the Add Allocation to Cart. This will automatically take a customer to the Cart page where they can select their state and continue onto Billing and Shipping. Allocation orders are the same as normal website orders, the only difference is the way they are purchased.

Allocation Wish List

If customers wish to purchase more quantities of the allocated products, they are able to request more amount via their allocation page. Their wish list will appear in the shopping cart, billing & shipping page, review your order page, order receipt and also admin panel order. For further information, please visit the Allocation Wish List Documentation.

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Admin Panel Orders

Admin users can place orders for customers Orders section of the admin panel. The normal system functionality limits allocated wines only to members of the specific allocation that wine is assigned to. This means that, normally, when an admin is trying to place an order for an allocated wine the billing customer must be a member of the wine allocation.

If a customer is not part of the allocation you will receive the following message:

"Error adding ProductSKU: SKU NAME to cart. ProductSKU is an allocated SKU and you currently either have no allocation, or must log in to access this product."

This normal functionality can be overridden to allow admin users to place allocated wine orders for customers who do not belong to the wine allocation. With this option an admin can create an order with allocated products for non-allocation members, and will not receive an error message.

The order will be treated as a normal order, so it will not appear in any allocation reports. Additionally the non-allocated customer will not be added to the allocation for website purchases, it is just a onetime order. For more information or if you would like to activate this feature please contact Vin65 at

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