How to Allocate a Wine/Product

To assign a wine as allocated you will want to follow these steps:

1. Go to Store > Products

2. Select the Product that you wish to Allocate.

3. In this product on the right hand side you will see Product Properties below it, select Manage Properties.

4. Here click on Advanced and choose Is Allocated.

Allocated Message:

Don't Display With Products. This will allocate the wine but will not allow it to be visible to customers without access to the allocation through the store section. Allocated products marked “Don’t Display With Products” must still be chosen to Display on Website so that they are able to be purchased by your allocation members online. 
Display Product. Show Message. This will display the allocated wine in your store section, allowing a customer to view the product page, and build interest in it. In the message field you can add text with a call to action to acquire the allocated wine. Examples: "Login to Purchase" or "Club Members Only"

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