The Settings section of the Admin Panel allows you to manage a number of different settings that will take effect on your store front and POS systems.

List of Settings Sections

Admin Users: Learn how to update and manage your sites Admin Users. Learn More >

Resource Bundle: Learn how to have more control of your website's messaging. Learn More >

Import/Export: Learn how to Import and Export your website data. Learn More >

Order Types: Learn how to assign orders to Order Types, and edit, or add Order Types. Learn More >

Sales Attributes: Learn a way to track, organize, and sort your customers orders. Learn More >

Pickup Locations: Learn how to set up one or more pickup locations for customers orders. Learn More >

Package Types: Learn how add, edit, and use Package Types within your Easy Ship tools. Learn More>

Integrations: Learn about data portability and integration into point of sales systems, fulfillment/shipping centers and compliance companies. Learn More >

Admin Notifications: Learn about notification emails sent to admins. Learn More >

FAQs: View Frequently Asked Questions on Settings. Learn More >

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