WineDirect Fulfillment

WOW your customers with quick and responsive order fulfillment.

WineDirect believes that order fulfillment is about much more than moving boxes, and that as your fulfillment partner we can actually help you build long-term, lasting relationships with your customers.

Order fulfillment touches every area of your business, from finance and operations to marketing and customer satisfaction. Each and every shipment creates a new opportunity to WOW your customers and we’re here to ensure you do just that - providing the service level you need to deliver an experience that will create customers for life. From the quickest delivery times in the industry, to a monthly newsletter and active blog with tips and tricks for your success in direct sales – we’re at your service!

Automatically send your orders to WineDirect Fulfillment to quickly ship your wine to your customers and see insight into each order’s shipping status. WineDirect has a direct integration with Vin65 and needs to be setup in your Website Settings tools.

Contact WineDirect Fulfillment: Visit the WineDirect Fulfillment website to learn more about their services. Learn more >

Inventory Sync: Learn more about the inventory sync process and the email you get. Learn more >

Website Settings: Learn about the items under the hood that need to be setup to connect your Vin65 account with WineDirect Fulfillment. Learn more >

FAQs: See some common questions asked by clients. Learn more >

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  1. Is there a character limit on order notes?

Is there a character limit on order notes?

Yes. The integration will only pass 240 characters to WineDirect from the order note. This does not limit the order not length on the Vin65 site, so if the note is longer than 240 characters from the order, the order note will get cut off.

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