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July 25, 2017 | New Features | Vin65 Team

Updated reCAPTCHA Process

Update: Google reCAPTCHA is live but action is required to turn reCAPTCHA on for blogs and product reviews.

Many of you have let us know about issues you were experiencing with spam on forms, product reviews and blogs. We recognize that this was frustrating for you, so we have now implemented a new Google reCAPTCHA tool that will prevent robots from submitting future spam to your forms, product reviews and blogs. Here's what it looks like:

Adding reCAPTCHA on Forms

To add reCAPTCHA to a new or existing form on your website, simply add a new form question and select "Google reCAPTCHA" as the question type. The reCAPTCHA box will now appear at the bottom of your form. Learn More>

Adding reCAPTCHA on Product Reviews and Blog Comments 

To enable reCAPTCHA for product reviews and blog comments, just reach out to support via a quick form and they'll turn on the setting for you. Add reCAPTCHA Now>



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