Google reCAPTCHA for Products Reviews and Blogs

Are you getting spam product reviews, form fills or blog comments? Our built-in Google reCAPTCHA tools reduce spam on your products reviews, blogs and forms and help ensure your website has the best security possible.

Adding reCAPTCHA on Forms

To add reCAPTCHA to a new or existing form on your website, simply add a new form question and select "Google reCAPTCHA" as the question type. The reCAPTCHA box will now appear at the bottom of your form.

Adding reCAPTCHA on Product Reviews and Blog Comments 

To enable reCAPTCHA for product reviews and blog comments, send an email to and our support team will enable the feature for you. Adding Google reCAPTCHA on your product reviews and blogs may require you to adjust the spacing or margins in your design, so please be sure to check those pages once the feature is enabled. If you would like to turn the feature off while you make design changes, just send an email to