Corinna Wang
June 26, 2019 | New Features | Corinna Wang

New: Updated Design for Send Mass Email

Today, under the contacts tab you will see that there is no longer a “Send Mass Email” section and now everything you need to manage and send your email documents lives under “Email Documents”. Besides the button placement (now on the top right of the screen), and an updated design, there are a lot of time-saving benefits that come along with this change that will make your email marketing more streamlined, including:

1. Crafting your email and then sending right from that document, without navigating away from the email.

2. When you send from the current email document, you only need to select your contact list. This reduces sifting through multiple categories and email documents to find your email, a significant reduction in the steps required to send an email.


3. Send an email to multiple people in the contacts section without having to leave the contact list.

Read more about these changes on our documentation site.



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