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January 17, 2019 | New Features | Carly Imhof

New: Updates to Your Promo Tools

A few of our New Year's gifts to you are designed to make your Promos more effective. We've heard from you through WineDirect Ideas and in our conversations that being able to duplicate Promos and more easily couple active Promos would help you work more efficiently. You can now accomplish both!

Duplicate a Promo

You must configure a number of settings when creating a Promo, which is why the ability to clone a Promo that's already set up is so helpful.

To duplicate a promo, navigate to the Promos section in the Store and select the Promo you want to clone. Clicking the Duplicate button will generate a copy of the Promo:

duplicate a promo

All of the original Promo's information will be copied over to the new one, including:

  • General Information
  • Excluded Products
  • Included Products
  • Discount
  • Categories
  • Order Types
  • Shipping Types
  • Coupling

Note that when the new Promo is created, a random code will be generated so that it can't be used until you're ready. You can edit or remove the code as desired in the General Information section of the Promo.

> Read the documentation on duplicating promos here.

Couple Promos More Easily

You can apply multiple promotions at the same time if a customer meets qualifications for both, by coupling Promos. Our latest Promo enhancements make this process easier, allowing you to see exactly which Promos are active and upcoming, so you know which Promos to choose from when coupling. Previously, all promos - regardless of active versus expired status - would display in your menu.

Now, you'll see all active promos by default, as well as any promos with a future start date. You can view expired promos as needed with a single click:

expired promo view

Note: If you have existing coupled Promos that include any expired Promos, no need to worry about them becoming uncoupled with this update. 

Check out the documentation on coupling here.


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